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Leesa is a fairly large brand that’s been selling mattresses since 2015. It’s part of Brooklyn Bedding’s “3z Brands” of mattress lines, some of which also used fiberglass in the past.

In mid 2022 a few people asked me about fiberglass in Leesa mattresses, so I decided to check in on Leesa’s mattress materials.

Asking Leesa About Fiberglass

I usually look on mattress brand websites for the answers to my questions, but I couldn’t find an answer to the majority of my questions. I decided to just email Leesa and ask my fiberglass and other questions that way instead.

These are the questions I asked Leesa:

“Do any of your memory foam and/or latex mattresses contain Fiberglass, Modacrylic, Polyester, Rayon, or Silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What about Fire Retardant sprays like Antimony, are any of them used on your mattresses? What countries are your mattresses made in?”

Leesa replied to me in just two days, this was the reply:

Leesa Fiberglass Email Reply

“The Original, Hybrid, and Legend mattresses are fully encased in a fire retardant sock made up of a proprietary blend of fibers, each chosen for its balance of comfort and flammability performance. Our proprietary fire barrier is an inherently fire-retardant fabric so it does not need or have additional chemical treatments.”

So, while Leesa initially seems very forthcoming, it didn’t really answer any of my questions and just referred me to its FAQ page. It went into great detail about how its fire retardant sock functioned, but failed to specify what material it was made of aside from saying it’s “inherently fire-retardant fabric”. Visil Rayon is inherently FR fabric, but so is fiberglass fabric.

Since most mattress brands that won’t divulge their “proprietary blend of fibers” that make up flame barriers are usually hiding fiberglass, I wrote Leesa off as most likely containing fiberglass and would not recommend them.

Leesa Admits Fiberglass Use

During Late 2023 I decided to contact Leesa again through its website live chat feature. I was a bit sneaky and just asked if they were still using glass fiber, as if I already for sure knew they were.

This is what I said to Leesa:

“Just curious, is Leesa still using Core-Spun Glass Fiber in mattress flame barriers?”

To my surprise, Leesa did not deny the use of glass fiber and actually admitted its use in great detail!

Leesa Admits Fiberglass Use

“We do! but are eventually doing away with that in our covers. While there is glass that is present on the cover, it is not on the outside portion of the cover. It is only on the inside fire retardant (FR) portion of the cover. The glass is actually a portion of the FR thread and is completely encased within other thread components.”

Leesa definitely uses fiberglass and admits the use of glass fibers in its mattresses.

I was shocked that Leesa actually admitted glass fiber use, but also angry because they had been deceptive about it before. While I may have learned to not trust what most mattress brands say regarding fiberglass back in 2019, many regular consumers would have taken Leesa’s first reply to be favorable and that mattresses were fiberglass-free.

However, it was some-what nice to see Leesa say they were planning to stop using fiberglass.

Leesa Claims to be Fiberglass-Free Since 2023

When Leesa admitted to me that fiberglass was used in its mattresses, it was during October 2023.

So, I found it surprising that there is a Leesa Support Post that says Leesa is fiberglass-free.

Leesa Claims Fiberglass Free

“No, we don’t use fiberglass in our mattresses. To prioritize your safety while you sleep, our mattresses are crafted with a fire-retardant yarn made of a chemical-free rayon barrier. This innovative rayon fiber, derived from 100% regenerated cellulose, creates a small barrier layer that ensures both safety and comfort.”

That’s good right? It would be, except that the “last updated” timestamp on the post is prior to when the Leesa chat representative told me that Leesa mattresses still contained fiberglass.

On October 10th, 2023, I was told Leesa mattress contained glass fiber, but that Leesa was considering removing it. However, there was a post on Leesa’s website from September 26th, 2023, that stated fiberglass was already removed. So, which is it Leesa??

It’s great if Leesa really is fiberglass-free now, but it needs to get the date right and limit the spread of misinformation. Consumers should be able to check the manufactured date on their mattress labels and know if it was made before, or after, the date that Leesa stopped using fiberglass.

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