About FiberglassFree.com

What is FiberglassFree.com?

FiberglassFree is a portal for helping people understand the hidden dangers of fiberglass mattresses, and for finding mattresses that do not contain glass in their materials.

Why does FiberglassFree.com Exist?

Mattresses made with fiberglass flame barriers can leak tiny glass particles, which can spread through the Heating/Cooling system, and lead to negative health effects such as skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation.

People with small children and pets should be extremely careful to make sure their mattresses are fiberglass-free, since children and pets can’t always communicate these potential health issues they may be experiencing.

Another downside to having a fiberglass contamination from a mattress is the expense to have it professionally cleaned up. Professional deep cleaning of a home to remove fiberglass can cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $50,000 depending on the size of the home and if the HVAC ducts were also contaminated. Many professional cleaning services won’t even accept a fiberglass job, and instead refer people to hazmat cleaning services.

How is FiberglassFree.com Operated?

Mattress brands are thoroughly researched and vetted for fiberglass and other glass-fiber use before being posted on FiberglassFree.com pages. Third-party evidence may be used to support suspicions, and backup claims, but it is never the main basis of a fiberglass-free/fiberglass judgement. Brands are either listed as fiberglass-free, potentially containing fiberglass, or definitely containing some form of fiberglass or glass-fiber.

FiberglassFree uses affiliate links to the Fiberglass-Free mattress brands in order to pay for the .com domain name as well as the server that hosts the website. Only Fiberglass-Free mattresses may have possible affiliate links, there are no outgoing links to brands that may potentially contain fiberglass. Without the use of affiliate links, FiberglassFree would not exist, since there are no donations to support its operation.

Who is FiberglassFree.com Written by?

John Snow Author Bio Photo

My name is John Snow, I’m 37, and I first learned about fiberglass mattresses in 2019 while shopping for my daughter’s first “big girl” bed.

Since then, I’ve been warning mattress shoppers about the potential health risks and monetary pitfalls that can arise from buying a mattress that eventually leaks glass fibers.

The short-term goal for FiberglassFree.com is to have changes made to mattress label laws so that fiberglass and other glass-fibers are required to be listed. The way things are currently, shady mattress brands avoid listing glass on the materials tags through the use of legal loopholes.

The long-term goal is to get the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to step up and actually protect consumers from all of these health risks by issuing a nationwide recall on all fiberglass-containing mattress models that have leaked fiberglass and ruined peoples’ homes and lives. I would also like to have the federal government make changes to the Code of Federal Regulations to disallow glass from being used as a material in mattresses.

Recently, the California Senate banned fiberglass from mattresses being sold in the state, but it doesn’t come into action until 2027. Hopefully the rest of the nation follows suit.