Submit Fiberglass Mattress Complaints

If your fiberglass mattress leaked glass particles and contaminated your home, you should definitely file complaints!

Where to File Fiberglass Mattress Complaints?

There are many places that should hear about your troubles due to fiberglass leaking from your mattress. Troubles from a fiberglass mattress include adverse health effects, fiberglass contamination, as well as fiberglass-free mattress replacement.

File a Complaint with your State Attorney General

Your State Attorney General is the first place you should file a complaint regarding your mattress leaking fiberglass, or releasing fiberglass because it was not adequately labeled, as well as a mattress company not doing anything to help your fiberglass contamination.

USA Gov State Attorney General Finder

Use the State Attorney webpage to find your state’s attorney general in the drop-down list.

Once at your state attorney general website, look for a place to file a consumer complaint. Some states may refer to a Consumer Complaint as “consumer protection” or something else regarding consumer purchases – it’s all the same.

Complaints filed to your state attorney general should be for inadequate labeling on your mattress about fiberglass, outer cover removal, misrepresentation of fiberglass as a mattress material, as well as fiberglass leaking from your mattress.

If you’ve already been in contact with the maker of your mattress, and they offered no fiberglass remediation help, monetary compensation, or a replacement fiberglass-free mattress, this should also be included in your attorney general complaint!

File a Complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The second place a fiberglass mattress complaint should be filed is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC is a federal regulatory agency formed in 1972 that enforces federal consumer product safety regulations, as well as unsafe product recalls.

Consumer Product Safety Commission File Complaint

CPSC takes in complaints through a Report Unsafe Products form at SaferProducts that is easy to find and complete.

Complaints to the CPSC should be much the same as complaints filed to your state attorney general. Complaints to the CPSC should be submitted for mattresses that leak fiberglass through the cover, as well as fiberglass mattresses with poor labeling regarding it’s outer cover being removable, also including material tags that do not include fiberglass when fiberglass is definitely present in the mattress.

Sadly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has had fiberglass complaints since 2015 and hasn’t done much about it. The reason why is because the CPSC merely enforces federal regulations, it does not make the regulations.

You can also search previous fiberglass mattress complaints, just make sure to check “reports” and only search in the “Bedroom, Bedding & Bath” category. I’ve exported a PDF of all fiberglass reports up until the date of this article.

File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

The third place a fiberglass mattress complaint should be filed is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC mostly deals with fraud, scams, identity theft, abuse, and mismanagement, however, the FTC also takes complaints regarding bad business practices.

Federal Trade Commission File A Report

Submit complaints to the FTC regarding bad business practices by using the ReportFraud Complaint Form, depending on what exactly the mattress maker did, and didn’t do, it might also be considered fraud as well.

This is also true if your fiberglass mattress lists its fiberglass as “silica” instead of what it really is. Once silica is processed into glass, it’s technically not silica any longer.

File a Complaint with the Better Business Bureau

The last place you should file a complaint is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Better Business Bureau File Complaint

Although the Better Business Bureau is not a federal agency, filing a complaint with the BBB is a good way to warn others about fiberglass mattresses, along with putting the company’s accreditation from the BBB into question.

Plus, filing a BBB complaint also allows you to use the Better Business Bureau as an intermediary between you and the company if you’re seeking reimbursement for your mattress and fiberglass remediation.

When to File a Fiberglass Mattress Complaint

These are the situations that warrant complaints and reports to be made regarding fiberglass mattresses:

  • Fiberglass has leaked through the outer cover of your mattress.
  • Fiberglass is used in the mattress, but not listed on the materials tag.
  • Fiberglass is used in your mattress, but the materials tag refers to it as “silica”.
  • Fiberglass was released from your mattress when the cover was removed, but there is not a “non-removable” warning tag on the cover.
  • Fiberglass was released from your mattress when you removed the cover, but the cover is listed or labeled as removable for cleaning.

Everything in the list above is either deceptive, a health hazard, a bad business practice, or all three. Mattress sellers should not be allowed to lie to consumers about what’s inside the mattresses being sold, and they should be held accountable when their products cause damage to a home or someone’s health.

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

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