Fiberglass Checks

Want to know if a mattress brands has fiberglass? Check these Fiberglass Check posts to get a closer look!

Does Amazon Basics have Fiberglass in Mattresses? Not Currently

Since I started researching fiberglass in mattresses in late 2019, I’ve never recommended Amazon Basics when it comes to mattresses without fiberglass. Amazon Basics Contained Fiberglass Before Initially, Amazon Basics mattress offerings were pretty slim, just 6 and 8 inch memory foam mattresses. The mattresses were very basic, nondescript, and made no mention of whom … Read more

Amerisleep PyroGuard Cyberknit Flame Barrier

Does Amerisleep Use Fiberglass? It isn’t Very Transparent about Materials

Amerisleep said it uses “woven silica”, but its inner cover looks like fiberglass fire sock standard in the mattress industry, consider them as potentially containing fiberglass.

Amore Beds Wool Flame Barrier

Does Amore Beds have Fiberglass? Evidence Suggests No.

Amore Beds makes hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses. Many Amore Beds mattresses are flippable and feature a different firmness for each side. I decided to check whether Amore Beds uses fiberglass or not. With all the organic wool advertised on its website, I didn’t think fiberglass would be likely. My assumption was correct, Amore … Read more

Avocado Fiberglass Free Help

Does Avocado Use Fiberglass? No, just Wool, Graphite, or Silica.

Does Avocado Use Fiberglass? No, Avocado makes fiberglass-free mattresses that rely on organic wool, graphite, or silica for its flame barriers.

BedStory Fiberglass Free Blog

Does BedStory Use Fiberglass? No, It Uses FR Rayon

Amazon Reviews don’t show any reports of fiberglass in BedStory mattresses, and there aren’t any other reports on Reddit or Social Media.

Best Price Mattress Fiberglass 2024

Does Best Price Mattress Have Fiberglass? Reviews Say So.

In late 2019 Best Price Mattress was selling a ton of mattresses on Amazon. Since fiberglass in mattresses was getting attention in the media, I decided to ask them about fiberglass. It turned out to be a good idea, because it became evident after reading reviews that Best Price Mattress was possibly hiding fiberglass. Contacting … Read more


Does Brentwood Home Use Fiberglass? Not Likely.

In late 2020 I contacted Brentwood Home to find out about fiberglass, and other materials. Contacting Brentwood Home About Fiberglass I contacted Brentwood Home and asked these questions: “Do any of your latex or memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are … Read more

Brooklyn Bedding Fiberglass Free 2019

Does Brooklyn Bedding Use Fiberglass? No, Just Silica.

Brooklyn Bedding manufactures its mattresses without the use of any fiberglass, which is good, but they do use Rayon, Polyester, and non-woven Silica… plus Hydrated Silica?

Does Casper Use Fiberglass Image 865x755

Does Casper Mattress use Fiberglass? Yes, Casper Contains Fiberglass.

Does Casper Mattress use Fiberglass? Yes, Casper Contains Fiberglass. I asked Casper plainly if its Silica firesock was just fiberglass by another name and Casper confirmed its silica thread is just fiberglass.

Classic Brands Admits Fiberglass

Does Classic Brands use Fiberglass? It Admitted Use.

Back in 2022 I asked Classic Brands about fiberglass because they were often recommended as a cheap mattress options. Asking Classic Brands About Fiberglass I contacted Classic Brands and asked this question: “Do any of your memory foam or latex mattresses contain Fiberglass (glass fibers, woven or non-woven), Modacrylic, Polyester, Rayon, or Silica in the … Read more


Does Diamond Mattress Use Fiberglass? No, but Flame Barrier a Mystery.

Diamond Mattress might be fiberglass-free, but without knowing how flammability tests are passed, there is still a concern for potentially harmful chemicals being used.

Dormeo Website Live Chat sascreenshot where chat representative says Dormeo mattresses don't have fiberglass

Does Dormeo Have Fiberglass? Lab Tests Seem to Confirm

Lab testing supposedly confirmed “vitreous fiber” (glass fiber) contamination from a sample of Dormeo’s inner flame barrier, also known as a firesock.

DreamfoamBedding Essential No Fiberglass

Does Dreamfoam Bedding Have Fiberglass? No, just Hydrated Silica.

Dreamfoam Bedding is a mattress brand under Brooklyn Bedding that sells memory foam and hybrid mattresses, including a highly affordable latex hybrid option. It sells mattresses on its own website, and many of the models are also sold on Amazon. I decided to look into Dreamfoam Bedding very early on into my journey to find … Read more

Diamond Mattress Fiberglass Free Email

Does Eco Terra Use Fiberglass? Only Wool is used in Flame Barrier.

Eco Terra sells natural hybrid latex mattresses that come in firm or medium-firm options on its website, as well as Amazon. They are highly recommended for consumers looking for a mattress that is both affordable and supportive. I decided to look into Eco Terra’s flame barrier very early in my 2019 quest for a mattress … Read more


Does Emma Sleep Use Fiberglass? It Admits it did Before!

Emma Sleep says its mattresses are fiberglass free and its fire-retardant sock is made from rayon or acrylic, but more information is needed.


Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass? Yes, Ghostbed Uses Fiberglass

GhostBed admitted to using a “glass fiber scrim” in its mattresses before, but now they are adamant that fiberglass is no longer used in the mattresses. However, GhostBed support doesn’t know what material has replaced the fiberglass.


Does Happsy Use Fiberglass? No, Happsy is Fully Organic.

Happsy says plainly that its mattresses are made without fiberglass, and they do not contain any suspicious “silica” either.

Does Helix Use Fiberglass Image 865x755px

Does Helix have Fiberglass? No, not anymore!

In 2020 HELIX admitted their use of fiberglass in standard mattresses, but in 2023 all HELIX Sleep mattresses are now fiberglass-free!

Inofia Denies Fiberglass Use

Does Inofia have Fiberglass? It Claims Not, Gives No Proof.

Inofia mattresses are a common suggestion on the web when it comes to buying an economy bed. I decided to question Inofia about fiberglass, since there was nothing on its website that mentioned it. Asking Inofia About Fiberglass I contacted Inofia via email and asked it this question: “Do any of your brands of memory … Read more

Email Screenshot Showing IULULU Not Knowing How Its Mattresses Are Made.

Does IULULU Use Fiberglass? Not if You Blindly Trust Them!

IULULU is adamant that its beds are fiberglass free, but it only has basic information regarding what materials are in used in its mattresses by the manufacturing facility.

Keetsa Fiberglass Free Polyacrylonitrile

Does Keetsa Use Fiberglass? No, Polyacrylonitrile is Used Instead.

Keetsa does not use fiberglass, but the flame barrier used in its mattress is made with a “carbon rayon fabric” composed of polyacrylonitrile-based fibers.

Latex For Less Wool FR Email

Does Latex for Less Use Fiberglass? Just Wool is Used.

Latex For Less sells latex, hybrid, and even a 2-sided latex mattress with different firmness ratings on each side. They come highly regarded in the latex mattress realm for making quality products that look great, at highly competitive prices. I decided to look into possibly fiberglass use by Latex For Less a few years ago. … Read more


Does Layla Sleep use Fiberglass? Yes, but Admits it.

Layla Sleep is a pretty popular brand that sells many Layla mattresses on its website, in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online through retailers like Walmart. Being hopeful to market Layla as a seller of safe and affordable mattresses, I got in touch with them regarding fiberglass in mid 2022. Investigating Fiberglass in Layla Mattresses … Read more

Leesa Admits Fiberglass Use

Does Leesa Use Fiberglass? Yes, it Admits Glass Material.

Leesa is a fairly large brand that’s been selling mattresses since 2015. It’s part of Brooklyn Bedding’s “3z Brands” of mattress lines, some of which also used fiberglass in the past. In mid 2022 a few people asked me about fiberglass in Leesa mattresses, so I decided to check in on Leesa’s mattress materials. Asking … Read more

Linenspa Admits Fiberglass Email

Does Linenspa Have Fiberglass? Yes, and FR Chemicals!

Linenspa is a very popular seller of mattresses and sleep accessories, both on its own website and online retailers like Wayfair, Walmart, and Amazon. Because of this, Linenspa was one of the first mattress brands I looked into back in 2019 when fiberglass mattress dangers first started gaining coverage in mainstream and social media. Asking … Read more


Does Lucid use Fiberglass? Yes, Plus FR Chemicals!

Lucid sells mattress on its website and through online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart. It is the sister company of Linenspa, under their parent company Malouf. I decided to look into Lucid’s possible fiberglass use very early in my quest to find a healthy and safe mattress for my daughter’s first “big girl bed”. … Read more


Does Maxzzz Mattress Have Fiberglass? It’s Fairly Uncertain

Maxzzz was a popular mattress brand half a decade ago. These days, the Maxzzz website doesn’t even work. However, Maxzzz isn’t dead – the brand still sells mattresses on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and other online stores. What Kind of Beds Does Maxzzz Sell? Maxzzz mostly sells hybrid memory foam mattresses in the 10 to 12 … Read more

Milton Sleep Co Fiberglass Question

Does Milton Sleep Co use Fiberglass? Probably..

Milton Sleep Co, a brand by Dormae Sleep Products, has been selling direct-to-consumer mattresses since 2021. Since Dormae Sleep and Milton Sleep Co has connections to Serta, I decided to look into its potential use of fiberglass. Asking Milton Sleep Co About Fiberglass I contacted Milton Sleep through its website contact form to ask about … Read more

MLILY Fiberglass Free Email

Does MLILY Use Fiberglass? No, Phosphates Used Instead.

MLILY states it does not use fiberglass, but I would be concerned about spending a third of each day on a mattress that contains Amidinourea Phosphate.

Molblly Admits Fiberglass 2019

Does Molblly use Fiberglass? It Did, Uses Silica or FR Chemicals Now.

Molblly states its new fiberglass-free flame barrier is just 92% cotton and 8% polyester, but I suspect that silica or a flame retardant chemical also being used while not being divulged.

Nectar Fiberglass Lawsuit 2022

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass? Most Likely

It’s pretty well known that Nectar mattresses had fiberglass in the past, and its recent non-transparent actions hint that it probably still does.


Does Nolah Have Fiberglass? No, but Hydrated Silica is Used.

Nolah is an award-winning mattress maker that’s one of the best-selling mattress in a box brands. Mattresses by Nolah are highly touted by review websites for their versatile, edge supporting, organic, and cooling features. However, many other popular mattress brands have caught some unwanted attention for selling beds that leak fiberglass particles that cause contamination … Read more


Does Novilla use Fiberglass? It Says No, but Doesn’t Explain How.

Novilla says it’s fiberglass-free but hasn’t stated what it replaced fiberglass with, nor how it is passing flammability testing regulations without it.

Olee Sleep Contains Fiberglass Email

Does Olee Sleep Have Fiberglass. Yes, but Plans to Stop.

Olee Sleep has been selling mattress online from its website for years, as well as other online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair. Because of this, I decided to look into Olee Sleep’s possible use of fiberglass in its mattress construction. Contacting Olee Sleep about Fiberglass At the time, I could not find anything on Olee … Read more


Does Perfect Cloud have Fiberglass? Yes, it Admits Use.

Perfect Cloud was selling a lot of mattresses on Amazon, so I wanted to reach out and find out about potential fiberglass use. Contacting Perfect Cloud about Fiberglass I couldn’t find anything on Perfect Cloud’s website regarding fiberglass, so I reached out to through its website contact form. These are the questions I asked Perfect … Read more

Does Puffy Use Fiberglass Image 865x755

Does Puffy Use Fiberglass? Yes, Other Websites are Wrong.

Big mattress review websites insist Puffy mattresses are fiberglass free, but they’re all wrong because Puffy mattresses have a fiberglass firesock.

Chat coversation with Purple excerpt where they admit Silica is in mattresses

Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass? It’s Very Possible.

Purple states it only uses “natural fibers” in its flame barriers, but doesn’t actually say what the natural fibers are… is it fiberglass?

Does Saatva Have fiberglass

Does Saatva use Fiberglass? No, but there is Silica!

Saatva claims its flame barrier is just natural thistle and wool. However, Saatva’s “natural thistle” is just silica-based visil rayon blended with polyester. Only the Latex Hybrid and Zenhaven use wool as a flame barrier.

Email Reply from Sealy where the use of Fiberglass in Mattresses is Admitted

Does Sealy Use Fiberglass? It Admits “Glass Fiber”.

Since Sealy seems to avoid the topic of fiberglass on their website, almost to a point of suspicion, it can be hard to discern whether they use it or not. But, Sealy support directly admits the use of fiberglass in its mattresses.

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Screenshot of an email from Serta that shows it admitting fiberglass use in mattresses

Does Serta Use Fiberglass? Yes, Other Sources Are Wrong.

Serta mattresses can definitely contain varying amounts of fiberglass in their construction. This is a fact confirmed by Serta itself. Considering Serta’s Possible Fiberglass Serta is one of the big “S Brands” of mattresses in the United States, almost everyone has heard of the brand. So, it made sense to look into Serta regarding fiberglass … Read more

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Does Signature Designs by Ashley have Fiberglass?

Signature Designs is a mattress line by Ashley Furniture that was selling many Chime model mattresses on Amazon in 2019 and 2020. However, when another big mattress seller got attention for its products leaking fiberglass, I decided to look into Signature Designs Chime mattresses. Contacting Signature Designs about Fiberglass Back in September 2019 I used … Read more


Does Signature Sleep Use Fiberglass? Not Since 2022.

Signature Sleep was selling tons of mattresses on Amazon back when I first start looking into hidden fiberglass in mattresses. Therefore, it was one of the first brands I contacted about fiberglass. Contacting Signature Sleep About Fiberglass Back in 2019, most mattress sellers weren’t addressing their flame barrier materials on their websites. The reason for … Read more

Silk And Snow Fiberglass USA

Does Silk & Snow Use Fiberglass? Only in The US, Not Canada.

Silk & Snow is a popular brand that sells mattresses in both The United States and Canada. Because of Silk & Snow’s Canadian origin, many people assume its mattresses are fiberglass-free. I decided to look into the matter to be certain. Researching Silk & Snow Fiberglass Silk & Snow’s website doesn’t state anything about its … Read more

Does Sleep Number Have Fiberglass Image 374x547px

Does Sleep Number Have Fiberglass? Probably

If Sleep Number beds were fiberglass free, they’d be happy to tell you. But, Sleep Number just says fiberglass is proprietary information.

SleepOnLatex No Fiberglass Email

Does Sleep On Latex Use Fiberglass? No, the Flame Barrier is Wool.

Sleep On Latex sells natural latex mattresses on its website, as well as Amazon. The mattresses are highly affordable for non-hybrid mattresses made purely of latex, organic wool and organic cotton. Since Sleep On Latex is a very popular choice for affordable natural latex mattresses on Amazon, I decided to check whether they use fiberglass. … Read more

Does Sleepys Have Fiberglass

Does Sleepy’s by Mattress Firm Have Fiberglass? Yes

I contacted Mattress Firm about Fiberglass in Sleepy’s and Tulo mattresses, and Mattress Firm confirmed fiberglass use in both!

Spindle Organic No Fiberglass

Does Spindle Use Fiberglass? No, just Organic Wool instead.

Spindle sells innovative natural latex mattresses that can be purchased with varying densities of custom latex layers. The Spindle mattress covers can be removed for cleaning, and the latex layers are replaceable. Since Spindle mattresses are so popular and highly recommended, I figured it would be a good idea to look into its flame barriers … Read more

Does Stearns and Foster Use Fiberglass

Does Stearns and Foster Have Fiberglass? Supposedly Not.

Stearns and Foster’s chatbot used to admit core-spun glass fibers, but after threatening me with legal actions, it now says its chatbot was incorrect,


Does SweetNight Use Fiberglass? Supposedly Not, but Probably.

SweetNight claims to be fiberglass-free since 2019, but evidence online suggests SweetNight used fiberglass through 2022 and potentially still does.

Does Tempur Pedic Have Fiberglass Image 865x755px

Does Tempurpedic Use Fiberglass? It Uses Glass Fiber.

Does Tempurpedic have Fiberglass? Yes, most definitely! I asked and Tempurpedic said they use core-spun fiberglass encased in the mattresses.

Tuft and Needle Fiberglass Denial Email

Does Tuft & Needle Use Fiberglass? It Did, but Said it Did Not.

Tuft & Needle was one of the big mattress brands making lots of sales when fiberglass in mattresses started getting new coverage. I decided to check in on Tuft & Needle’s use of fiberglass pretty early on because of its popularity. Initial Tuft & Needle Fiberglass Inquiry There was not any readily available fiberglass information … Read more

Does Tulo Use Fiberglass Image 865x755px

Does Tulo have Fiberglass? Yes, Mattress Firm Confirmed Fiberglass Use

Tulo mattresses definitely have fiberglass, but some popular websites might lead you to believe they are fiberglass-free when they are not. I wanted to cut through the smoke and mirrors, so I went straight to the source to find out about the fiberglass in Tulo mattresses.

Does Zinus Still Have Fiberglass

Does Zinus Have Fiberglass? Not Since 2024!

Zinus was the main mattress brand under fire for Fiberglass, since 2020. But now in 2024, Zinus has completely removed fiberglass from its mattress materials.