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Serta mattresses can definitely contain varying amounts of fiberglass in their construction. This is a fact confirmed by Serta itself.

Considering Serta’s Possible Fiberglass

Serta is one of the big “S Brands” of mattresses in the United States, almost everyone has heard of the brand. So, it made sense to look into Serta regarding fiberglass use in flame barriers.

However, Serta ignored my questions about fiberglass for many years. I started contacting the company in 2020, and my messages were almost always ignored. The few email replies that I did receive never had a definitive answer to my glass fiber question.

Plus, the Serta website neglects to reveal the materials used in its flame barrier, and just states the FireBlocker is “proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibers” without actually naming the fibers.

Getting a Fiberglass Answer from Serta

I decided to get in touch with Serta again in 2024, without much hope for a clear answer. I emailed Serta and asked it these questions:

“Does Serta use fiberglass, glass fiber, continuous filament glass fiber, core-spun glass fiber, continuous filament fiber, or any other form of “glass” or “filament” fibers in the flame barrier or any other part of its mattresses?”

To my surprise, Serta finally replied to my email with a transparent answer.

Screenshot of an email from Serta that shows it admitting fiberglass use in mattresses

“In the interest of transparency, some of our products may also contain fiberglass encapsulated within. We are not, however, aware of glass particles migrating through the outer cover. Likewise, skin irritation due to glass particle exposure has not been raised by our customers.”

Serta Admits Fiberglass Use in Mattresses

Serta definitely uses fiberglass, but it apparently only admits the use of these glass fibers when asked the right questions.

Serta claims it’s not aware of glass particles migrating through covers, or skin irritation due to glass particles. However, a quick search on, the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s incident report database, shows three reports of fiberglass contamination and skin irritation due to Serta and Serta-Simmons mattresses between 2021 through 2023.

There are many reports of potential fiberglass in Serta mattresses on Reddit as well.

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Last Updated on May 4, 2024

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