Does Dreamfoam Bedding Have Fiberglass? No, just Hydrated Silica.

Dreamfoam Bedding is a mattress brand under Brooklyn Bedding that sells memory foam and hybrid mattresses, including a highly affordable latex hybrid option. It sells mattresses on its own website, and many of the models are also sold on Amazon.

I decided to look into Dreamfoam Bedding very early on into my journey to find a fiberglass-free mattress for my daughter that started back in 2019. Here’s what I found regarding Dreamfoam Bedding and fiberglass.

Searching Dreamfoam Bedding for Fiberglass

Normally, the first thing I do when investigating a mattress brand’s potential fiberglass use is to check its website. The home page and the FAQ page are usually the best bets, but there wasn’t anything about fiberglass on either of those pages.

However, later on over at the Brooklyn Bedding product page for the Dreamfoam Essential mattress, I found this official Answer to a fiberglass Question.

The questions asks:

“Does this contain fiberglass?” -wayne j.

Dreamfoam Bedding replied with this answer:

DreamfoamBedding Essential No Fiberglass

“Our mattresses do not contain fiberglass. They are Certi-Pur US certified with low VOC.”
-Brooklyn Bedding

Brookyln Bedding states its mattresses does not contain fiberglass.

I wanted to be sure, though, so I scoured the internet for any reports of fiberglass in Dreamfoam mattresses. I could not find anything on Reddit, social media, the CPSC, or Amazon reviews that seemed to show Dreamfoam using fiberglass mattresses.

Asking Dreamfoam Bedding about Fiberglass

Also, before finding the answered question on the Brooklyn Bedding website, I got in contact with Dreamfoam Bedding via email. Even though I sent the email via Dreamfoam’s contact form, Brooklyn Bedding is still who responded.

This is what I asked Dreamfoam via email:

“Do any of your memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or “silica” in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are your memory foam mattresses made in?”

Brooklyn Bedding replied to me very quickly and had this to say about fiberglass:

DreamfoamBedding No Fiberglass Email

“All mattresses are required by the federal government to use a type of FR (Fire Retardant Barrier). To ensure we follow this requirement, but also to ensure a healthy environmentally friendly product we use a hydrated silica fiber sock around our mattress as our FR material. This material does not contain fiberglass and is non-toxic with no sprays. One other thing to note is that hydrated silica is the same thing that is used in toothpaste and is not harmful. We do not use any chemical fire sprays or chemical retardants in our mattresses.”

Does Dreamfoam Bedding use Fiberglass

Dreamfoam makes mattresses without the use of fiberglass, its cotton/rayon/polyester flame barriers rely on a hydrated silica treatment to pass flammability tests.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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