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Eco Terra sells natural hybrid latex mattresses that come in firm or medium-firm options on its website, as well as Amazon. They are highly recommended for consumers looking for a mattress that is both affordable and supportive.

I decided to look into Eco Terra’s flame barrier very early in my 2019 quest for a mattress without fiberglass for my daughter.

Checking Eco Terra’s Website for Fiberglass

The first place to find out about a mattress maker’s use of fiberglass is always its website. I checked the Eco Terra home page and didn’t find any information regarding its flame barrier or fiberglass use.

Next up, I checked the Eco Terra FAQ page. I did not find anything specifically about fiberglass use in the FAQ, but I did find a flame retardants entry.

This is what Eco Terra says about Flame Retardants:

Eco Terra Wool Flame Barrier

“We don’t use chemical flame retardants in our Eco Terra Mattress. The Eco Terra Mattress contains a natural fire barrier, made of pure, natural wool. It meets federal and state flammability requirements, without the use of harsh flame retardants and chemicals.”
-Eco Terra

So, Eco Terra states its fire barrier is purely natural wool. That’s good, right?

I kept looking and also found some more information on the Hybrid Latex Mattress product page. There is a section titled “Transparent Hybrid Latex Mattress Specs” that has a table, and one of the table rows is “Legal Label” that states mattress contents.

This is what Eco Terra’s Legal Label states:

Eco Terra Legal Label

“Made in California with internal materials (based on weight) consisting of Natural Latex (73%), Wool (21%), and Certified Organic Cotton (6%). NO polyurethane foams, NO memory foams, NO synthetic foams, NO latex blends, NO chemical adhesives, and NO chemical flame retardants.”
-Eco Terra

Not only does Eco Terra give the full list of materials used in its mattresses, there’s also a link to an actual photo of the legal label attached to its mattresses.

While Eco Terra’s website does not mention fiberglass at all, it does state that the flame barrier is just wool, and the legal label does not list fiberglass or any other form of glass fiber.

I decided to go ahead and just ask Eco Terra about fiberglass, to be extra safe.

Asking Eco Terra about Fiberglass

I contacted Eco Terra via email to ask about fiberglass and other toxic chemicals found in some mattresses. This is what I asked Eco Terra:

Do any of your hybrid latex mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or “silica” in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are your memory foam mattresses made in?

Eco Terra replied to me very quickly and gave this response to my questions:

Diamond Mattress Fiberglass Free Email

“We source our latex in Sri-Lanka, but the mattress is assembled and handcrafted here in our warehouse in Camarillo, CA. The mattress does not contain any fiberglass, etc. It’s made of all natural latex, organic wool and cotton. We only use organic wool as natural fire barrier.”

The email reply from Eco Terra is very full of transparency and without any hints of deception.

Does Eco Terra use Fiberglass?

I’ve found zero evidence online to refute any of what Eco Terra states on its website or in the email, so I’m inclined to believe they are being honest.

Eco Terra states its mattresses are fiberglass-free and use ONLY organic wool to allow its natural latex mattresses to pass flammability tests.

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