Best Natural and Organic Mattresses for Non-Toxic Sleep

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

We spend about a third of each day sleeping in bed, so it makes sense that our mattresses should be free of toxins to promote good health and restful sleep. However, for years many of the most popular mattresses have been filled with unhealthy and potentially toxic synthetic materials.

In order to stop sleeping on a hazardous bed, it’s pretty much necessary to buy a natural organic mattress made from healthy, eco-friendly, materials. This is the safest way to ensure your mattress is free of fiberglass and other toxic chemicals.

Soaring Hearts Organic Latex Mattress

Healthy Materials Found in Natural and Organic Mattress

The best organic mattresses are made using these natural materials:

  • Latex – Latex is made naturally from the sap of rubber trees and is much healthier than memory foam and cheap polyurethane foams.
  • Cotton – Cotton is naturally breathable when used properly and doesn’t include trace amounts of chemicals found in synthetic fabrics.
  • Wool – Wool regulates temperature, improves circulation, and is a natural flame-retarding alternative to toxic chemicals.

Natural and Organic Mattress Comparison

Soaring HeartsOrganic Latex20 Year30 Night$1899- $3199
Spindle 10inOrganic Latex10 Year365 Night$1049- $1899
Latex for LessOrganic Latex20 Year120 Night$1099- $2069
TurmerryOrganic Latex20 Year120 Night$799- $1899
Botanical BlissNatural Latex25 Year100 Night$1199- $2699
The OrganicaNatural Latex Hybrid20 Year100 Night$1049- $1599
Eco TerraNatural Latex Hybrid15 Year90 Night$699- $1299

The Best Organic Mattresses

These are the BEST organic mattresses made with fully certified organic materials including the latex, the batting/filler, and the covers. Every material used in the manufacturing process of a mattress must be certified organic for the entire mattress to be considered a truly organic mattress. Perhaps the only exceptions to this rule would be threads used for sewing and zippers.

Best Overall Organic Latex Mattress:
Latex for Less Organic Latex Mattress

Latex for Less Organic Latex Mattress 800x533px

Organic Latex Mattress Features:
  • 100% Organic
  • Multiple Options
  • Superior Pressure Relief
  • Made in USA (Latex sourced from Sri Lanka)
Organic Latex Mattress Specs:
  • Thickness: 9″ and 12″
  • Type: Organic Latex
  • Cover: Organic Cotton
  • Firmness: 4 – 8 (Soft – Firm)

Latex for Less Organic Latex Mattress Summary:

The Organic Latex Mattress by Latex for Less is a superb mattress made with healthy and non-toxic materials. It’s made with organic latex from the sap of Hevea Brasilienesis rubber trees in Sri Lanka, Organic Wool from California, and Organic Cotton. There are no harmful chemicals in an Organic Latex for Less mattress, sleep soundly knowing it’s as healthy and eco-friendly as a mattress can be.

Latex for Less Organic Latex Mattress Construction:

6″ GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Core Layer – All Organic Latex Mattresses by Latex for Less start off with a 6″ thick core layer of Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic Dunlop latex.

3″ GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Comfort Layer – Next up on all Organic Latex Mattresses by Latex for Less is a 3″ comfort layer of Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic Dunlop latex that is softer and more contouring than the core layer of latex.

3″ GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Comfort Layer* – The 12″ Organic Latex Mattresses have a 2nd comfort layer of 3″ GOLS-Certified organic latex that the 9″ option does not include.

GOTS Certified Organic Wool Fire Barrier – A Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic wool fire barrier surrounds the latex layers of Organic Latex Mattresses by Latex for Less.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover – Wrapping up all the latex and wool is a soft and breathable Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic cotton cover on all Latex for Less mattresses.

Recommended for:

The Latex for Less Organic Latex Mattress is best for anyone wanting a fully organic certified 12″ mattress!

More about Latex for Less:

Latex for Less makes organic latex mattresses with 10 years of research and experience, but without all the hype and inflated costs associated with flashy marketing. Organic Textiles and Single-Origin Latex supplied directly by the producers keep Latex for Less’ prices low, and quality high.

Click to see Pricing
Organic Latex 9″$1099$1599$1699$1999
Organic Latex 12″$1499$2099$2299$2699

(Firm mattresses cost $100 more than Soft or Medium. Twin XL, Split Queens, Split Kings, and Split Cali Kings also available.)

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Best Customizable Organic Mattress:
Spindle 10-Inch Organic Latex

Spindle 10in Organic Latex Mattress 600x400px

Spindle Organic 10″ Latex Features:
  • 100% Organic
  • Removable Cover
  • Customizable Latex Layers
  • Made in USA
Spindle Organic 10″ Latex Specs:
  • Thickness: 10 Inches
  • Type: Organic Latex
  • Cover: Organic Cotton & Wool
  • Firmness 5 – 7.5 (Standard)

Spindle 10″ Organic Latex Mattress Summary:

The Spindle 10″ Organic Latex mattress is made of 3 different plushness layers of healthy organic latex. The organic latex layers feature plushness ratings of Soft, Medium, and Firm. The most useful feature of a Spindle Organic Latex Mattress is the ability to open it up and rearranged the latex layers to customize the feeling of the mattress.

The unique way that Spindle mattresses are made is what makes them perfect for any type of sleeper whether a side, stomach, or back sleeper. Spindle Organic Latex mattresses are also available in King size with a split firmness that’s perfect for couples that have different sleep preferences. Split firmness mattresses have different layers of Soft/Medium/Firm layers for each side.

Organic 10″ Latex Organic Construction:

Since the Spindle 10″ Organic Latex mattress is very different from most other mainstream mattresses, it’s also crafted differently. Most mattresses for sale have been completely stitched and glued together, unable to be taken apart. But Spindle’s 10″ Organic Latex Mattresses are made to be taken apart and adjusted to the perfect feeling. Here’s a look at how the standard 10″ Organic Latex mattress is made by Spindle:

3″ Firm GOLS Certified Organic Latex Layer – A standard Spindle 10″ Organic Mattress starts off with a firm base layer of Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic Sri Lankan Dunlop latex that’s wrapped up in a zippered organic cotton cover. This firm latex layer gives the mattress structure and form, as well as support for the softer layers above it.

3″ Medium GOLS Certified Organic Latex Layer – The middle layer of a standard Spindle 10″ Organic Mattress is another layer of organic Sri Lankan Dunlop latex but in medium firmness. This medium latex layer provides support for the uppermost layer while ensuring there are no pressure points. The middle latex layer also has a zippered cotton cover of its own.

3″ Soft GOLS Certified Organic Latex Layer – The third layer of a standard Spindle 10″ Organic Mattress is a top layer of super soft organic latex with its own cotton cover. The soft organic latex layer conforms to the contours of your body and keeps you cool while the rest of the layers support good posture and healthy sleep.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover – The last step in the construction of a Spindle 10″ Organic Latex mattress is a Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic cotton cover lined with GOTS certified organic wool batting. The outer cover can be completely removed and cleaned for a mattress that’s always fresh.

Recommended for:

The Spindle 10″ Organic Latex Mattress is perfect for any type of sleeper whether Side, Stomach, or Back.

Spindle 10″ Organic Latex mattresses do not have to be ordered in the standard Soft-Medium-Firm layer layout. They can be ordered in a customized layer setup such as Medium-Medium-Firm, or even Soft-Firm-Firm. What if you change your mind years down the line and want a mattress feel that’s a bit different? You can purchase new single replacement layers at any time to re-customize your mattress.

Spindle Promo:
Up to $700 Off Mattresses!
Use code JSNOW for an extra $100 discount.

More about Spindle:

Spindle mattresses are made with certified organic latex free of synthetic additives. They also feature organic cotton grown without chemicals and organic wool that acts as a natural flame barrier. Spindle mattresses are assembled in the USA with materials from Canada, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the U.S.

Click to see Pricing
10″ Organic Latex$1049.99$1399.99$1599.99$1899.99

(Twin XL also available.)

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Best Low-Profile Organic Mattress:
Soaring Hearts Organic Latex Mattress

Soaring Hearts Organic Latex Mattress 900x563px

Soaring Heart Organic Features:
  • 100% Organic
  • Flippable & Low-Profile
  • Natural Thermal Regulating
  • Made in USA
Soaring Heart Organic Specs:
  • Thickness: 6 Inches
  • Type: Organic Latex
  • Material: Organic Cotton
  • Firmness: 8 of 10

Soaring Heart Organic Latex Mattress Summary:

Soaring Heart’s highly trained professional artisans craft the 6″ Organic Latex Mattress from raw 100% certified organic latex, wool, and cotton. The Organic Latex mattress is a simply made low-profile mattress that’s flippable and meant to last for many years. Normally only sold in a Firm option, the Organic Latex Mattress by Soaring Heart can be special ordered in a Soft or Extra-Firm. Soaring Hearts recommends combining the mattress with one of its mattress toppers for a complete sleep experience.

Soaring Heart Organic Construction:

The Organic Latex Mattress is made in Soaring Heart’s own Seattle, Washington, factory using materials from Texas, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

6″ GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex – The Soaring Heart Organic Latex Mattress starts off with a 6″ perforated slab of USDA and Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic Dunlop Latex. The latex is sourced from Sri Lanka and Certified 100% Organic by Sleep Comp West/Latexco.

USDA Certified Organic Cotton Canvas Backer – Around the latex is a USDA and Texas Department of Agriculture certified organic cotton canvas backer made from cotton supplied by Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop.

GOTS Certified Organic Felted Wool – Held in place by the cotton canvas is a thick layer of USDA and Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic felted wool. The felted wool is made from a blend of wools from 8 different types of sheep raised in New Zealand by small families of ranchers.

USDA Certified Organic Cotton Cover – Lastly, the whole mattress is wrapped up in a soft cotton mattress cover made from the same 100% organic cotton as the inside canvas. The cotton is grown by a conscientious group of farmers who commit to growing organic cotton without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or harmful bleaching.

Recommended for:

The Soaring Heart Organic Latex Mattress is perfect for anyone wanting a low-profile and flippable organic mattress.

Latex mattresses should be rotated to prevent body imprints, being flippable makes the chances of developing dents and imprints even less. Adding a mattress topper can often make a bed too tall, starting with a low-profile mattress is a good idea if a mattress topper will definitely be used.

Note: – Sleepers under 100lbs should special order in a Soft option, Sleepers above 300lbs should order an Extra-Firm.

More about Soaring Heart:

Soaring Heart has been building relationships with organic material suppliers around the world since 1982 that share its environmentally-conscious, healthy, sustainable, and ethical values. Using those materials it makes natural organic mattresses, organic mattress toppers, futons, and shikibutons to exacting organic standards.

Click to see Soaring Heart's Pricing
Soaring HeartTwinFullQueenKing
Organic Latex Mattress$1899$2399$2799$3199

(Twin XL and California Kings are also available.)

    The Best Natural Mattresses

    These are the best Natural Mattresses available that are made with mostly organic materials. They may not be fully organic, but they are non-toxic and far healthier options than other beds filled with potentially toxic synthetic materials.

    Best Luxury Natural Mattress:
    PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

    PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Natural Mattress 1024x515px

    Botanical Bliss Features:
    • Back Pain Relief
    • Sleeps Cool & Dry
    • Hip & Shoulder Pressure Relief
    • Made in USA
    Botanical Bliss Specs:
    • Thickness: 9″, 10″, or 12″
    • Type: Natural Latex
    • Cover: Organic Cotton
    • Firmness 5.5 – 8 (Medium, Medium-Firm)

    Botanical Bliss Natural Mattress Summary:

    The Botanical Bliss mattress by PlushBeds is easily one of the most luxurious natural mattresses available. Between the Medium and Medium-Firm plushness options the Botanical Bliss mattress is perfect for all types of sleepers including side, stomach, and back sleepers. The Botanical Bliss is highly recommended as one of the best natural mattresses for those with back pain by doctors and chiropractors. The three available thickness options of the Botanical Bliss make the mattress compatible with average-sized sleepers, and even those who are over 275lbs. Lastly, for those that are conscientious about the environment and sustainability, the Botanical Bliss is fully biodegradable since PlushBeds makes the mattress from eco-friendly materials unlike mattresses made from memory foam and other petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

    The Botanical Bliss is considered a Natural Mattress, not Organic, because of the Talalay Latex used.
    Botanical Bliss Natural Construction:

    The Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified and made by hand in the USA using GOLS certified ARPICO Dunlop latex and GOTS-certified cotton and British wool.

    Support Core of Natural Latex – The Botanical Bliss mattress starts off with a layer of organic ARPICO Dunlop core latex surrounded by natural Talalay latex which provides mattress durability and superior lower back support.

    Comfort Layer of Natural Latex – The 12″ Botanical Bliss mattress has an additional layer that the 9″ and 10″ variations don’t have, another organic ARPICO latex comfort layer. This is what makes the 12″ Botanical Bliss perfect for heavier sleepers over 275lbs and couples.

    Comfort Layer of Natural Talalay Latex – Next up on the Botanical Bliss mattress is a 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer for pressure point relief on shoulders, hips, muscles, and joints, as well as improved circulation.

    Panel of Organic Cotton – On top of all the latex layers is a Global Organic Textiles Standard certified cotton panel.

    100% British Organic Wool – After the cotton is a thick layer of Global Organic Textiles Standard certified wool that is 100% British sourced. The organic wool is held in place by the cotton panel underneath it.

    Cover made from Organic Cotton – Last up is a circular knit cotton fabric mattress cover that is flexible enough to allow the wool and latex beneath it to do its just of contouring to the curves of the body without creating pressure points. The cover is also made from the same GOTS-certified organic cotton as the panel on top of the latex.

    Recommended for:

    The Medium Firmness Botanical Bliss is perfect for Combination and Side sleepers that need increased pressure point relief. The Medium-Firm Botanical Bliss mattress is best for Stomach and Back sleepers, especially those who suffer from lower back pain.

    Note: – PlushBeds recommends average-sized sleepers under 225lbs to consider the 9″ thickness option, larger sleepers up to 250lbs to consider the 11″, and heavy sleepers over 275lbs to choose the 12″ Botanical Bliss for extra support.

    Click to see PlushBeds' Pricing
    Botanical Bliss – Organic Latex 9-12″$2799$3199$3299$3599

    (Twin XL, Cali Kings, Split Kings, and Split Queens also available)

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    Best Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress:
    The Organica by Amerisleep

    The Organica by Amerisleep Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress 1024x533px Image

    Organica Features:
    • Natural Latex
    • Organic Fabrics
    • Pocketed Coils Isolate Motion Transfer
    • Made in USA with materials from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and India
    Organica Specs:
    • Thickness: 13″
    • Type: Natural Latex Hybrid
    • Cover: Organic Cotton
    • Firmness: 7

    Amerisleep Organica Mattress Summary:

    The Organica by Amerisleep is a simple yet luxurious 13-inch coil and natural latex hybrid mattress that’s arguably the best mattress sold by Amerisleep. It features motion isolating coils that are great for couples, as well as a cotton cooling cover over cushiony wool that relieves pressure points. Superb edge support is a key feature of The Organica’s springy coils that are perfect for stomach sleepers. The responsiveness of Amerisleep’s design makes moving around on the mattress a breeze for combination sleepers that can easily feel trapped inside all-foam mattresses.

    The Organica is made without harsh chemicals and only uses natural and organic materials that are safe and healthy for sleeping on without the worry of toxins. It can be used with all solid and adjustable bed frames that don’t have slats wider than 3 inches, however, box springs are not recommended because they can damage the mattress. Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial to make sure The Organica is perfect before keeping it, as well as a 20-year warranty.

    The Organica is considered a Natural Mattress, not Organic, because of the Talalay Latex used.
    Amerisleep Organica Natural Construction:

    8″ Pocketed Coil System – The Organica starts off with a layer of 8-inch pocketed coils with targeted support and motion isolation. The perimeter of the coils is stiffer than the center for increased edge support.

    1″ Firm Talalay Latex – Next up after the coils is a 1-Inch thick firm layer of natural Talalay latex that is eco-INSTITUT, Rainforest Alliance, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to be safe for humans, non-toxic, low VOC, and sustainable.

    2″ Soft Talalay Latex – On top of the firm latex layer is another 2″ Layer of soft Talalay latex that’s more breathable, springy, and breathable compared to alternative foams used in many mattresses. The Latex is harvested in Sri Lanka and then processed in India before being shipped to Amerisleep’s California workshop to be handcrafted into beautifully sleek mattresses.

    GOTS Organic Wool Cushion – After the latex layers Amerisleep puts a thick layer of Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic Joma wool for breathability and cushioning. The wool also acts a natural flame barrier so there’s no fiberglass or silica.

    GOTS Organic Cotton Cover – Wrapped around all the latex and wool is a Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic cotton knitted cover with woven sides. The super soft breathable cotton mixed with wool and Talalay latex offers a great temperature-regulating mattress that’s great for warm and cold sleepers.

    The Organica by Amerisleep also doesn’t contain any adhesives that can potentially include toxic chemicals.

    Recommended for:

    The Organica by Amerisleep is best for side and combination sleepers that like a plush-feeling medium-firm mattress that supports without pressure points.

    Amerisleep Promo:
    $450 Off Mattresses!
    Use code AS450

    More about Amerisleep:

    Amerisleep has been a leading online seller of mattresses since 2010, plus they have dozens of brick-and-mortar stores spread out around the country. Its focus on high-quality materials sourced directly from producers keeps mattress costs down and sales on the rise. Amerisleep is currently growing fast, which is evident by how many positions they are currently hiring for!


    • 100 Night Sleep Trial
    • 20 Year Warranty
    • GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton
    • GOTS-Certified Organic Wool
    • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified Natural Talalay Latex
    • Rainforest Alliance and eco-INSTITUT Certified
    Click to see Pricing
    Organica 13″$1049$1249$1299$1599

    (Twin XL, California King, and Split King sizes available.)

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    Best Easy to Setup Natural Mattress:
    Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress

    Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress Image 1000x658px

    • 100% Natural
    • Pain Relieving
    • Motion Isolation
    • Made in USA with materials from Sri Lanka and New Zealand
    • Thickness: 8″, 10″, and 12″
    • Type: Organic Latex
    • Cover: Organic Cotton
    • Firmness: 5 – 8 (Soft, Medium, and Firm)

    Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress Summary:

    The Natural Latex Mattress by Turmerry is a durable eco-friendly handmade mattress that promotes restful sleep. It’s composed of cooling organic cotton, conforming organic latex from Sri Lanka, and circulation-improving natural wool from New Zealand. It comes in 3 different thicknesses and 3 different plushness options, plus the latex layers can be rearranged for a softer or more firm feel.

    The Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress does not contain any banned substances like azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, lead, or antimony. It’s also eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to be non-toxic and free of fiberglass, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, phthalates, arylamines, and benzene. Turmerry mattresses are Fair Trade and cruelty-free as well.

    The Turmerry is considered a Natural Mattress, not Organic, because of the wool isn’t certified organic.
    Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress Construction:

    Here is a breakdown of how Turmerry Natural Latex Mattresses are made. This list describes the Soft plushness option but the layers for Medium and Firm will be the same just in a different order.

    3″ Firm GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex – All of Turmerry’s Natural Latex mattresses start off with a layer of 3-inch thick Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic Dunlop latex that’s encased in its own organic cotton cover.

    2-3″ Medium GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex – Next up on a Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress is a cotton-encased medium-firmness layer of Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic latex. This layer is 2 inches thick on the 8″ mattress, and 3 inches thick on the 10″ and 12″ mattresses.

    2-3″ Soft GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex – The third layer on a Turmerry Natural Latex mattress is a soft-firmness layer of Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic latex. This layer is also 2 inches thick on the 8″ mattress, and 3 inches thick on the 10″ and 12″ mattresses.

    1.4″ Convoluted Latex Foam – The 12″ Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress includes a 4th layer of latex that the 8″ and 10″ mattresses do not have, this super soft layer of organic latex egg-crate foam. The convoluted foam layer also helps with extra cooling.

    1″ Thick Natural Wool – On top of all the latex layers in a Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress is a thick layer of New Zealand natural wool batting that acts as a superior temperature regulator as well as a natural fire barrier.

    Organic Cotton Cover – Wrapping up all the Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress layers is a breathable Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic cotton cover for optimal breathability.

    Turmerry mattresses are delivered to customers with each layer of the mattress in a separate box. Simply open the cover box first and spread it out, then put each of the latex layers on top of the one before it, and zip up the cover for the final product. This way of delivering the Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress makes it much easier for people that would have trouble opening one gigantic box that has an entire mattress compressed inside it!

    Recommended for:

    The Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress will work well for any size and type of sleeper between the soft to firm plushness and 8″ to 12″ thickness options.

    The Natural Latex Mattress by Turmerry is truly best for anyone that is concerned about having to unpack and set up a whole mattress delivered in a single box. Turmerry delivers its mattresses in 4 separate boxes to make setup much more easy and simple compared to other mattress manufacturers.

    Turmerry Promo:
    Up to 30% Off Mattresses!
    Use code NY for an extra 10% discount.

    More about Turmerry:

    Turmerry is a small mattress and bedding manufacturer that focuses on eco-friendly and non-toxic sleep systems.

    Click to see Pricing
    8″ Natural Latex$799$1199$1299$1499
    10″ Natural Latex$899$1200$1399$1699
    12″ Natural Latex$999$1399$1499$1899

    (Twin XL, Split Queen, Split King, and California Kings also available.)

      Best Affordable Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress: Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

      Eco Terra Latex Hybrid Mattress Image 1024x460px

      Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Features:
      • No chemicals. No polyurethane. No toxins. No synthetics.
      • Quantum Coils – 200% Increase of Coils per Mattress
      • Larger gauge coils on the perimeter for Edge Support
      • Made in USA
      Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Specs:
      • Thickness: 11 Inches
      • Type: Organic Latex Hybrid
      • Cover: Organic Cotton
      • Firmness 5.5 – 8 (Medium – Medium-Firm)

      Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress Summary:

      The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Eco Terra is a high-quality natural mattress option made with 73% organic latex, 21% organic wool, and 6% organic cotton. It also features two different sizes of Quantum coils for extra comfort. Quantum coils are smaller than springs found within traditional innerspring mattresses and allow for more coils which mean no pressure points.

      With the plushness options of Medium and Medium-Firm, an Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress can be great for combination and side sleepers, front sleepers, as well as back sleepers that don’t weigh a lot.

      The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex mattress is considered a Natural Mattress, not Organic, because of the Talalay Latex used.

      Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Natural Construction:

      The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Eco Terra is hand-crafted by expert in-house artisans in Eco Terra’s own manufacturing facility located in California. Here’s a closer look at what exactly goes into a Hybrid Latres Mattress by Eco Terra:

      8″ Individually Cased Quantum Coils – A Hybrid Latex Mattress by Eco Terra starts off with 8″ Quantum Coils that are individually cased in their own pockets after being meticulously calibrated, heat-treated, and tested to exacting standards. Quantum coils are smaller than the traditional springs used in innerspring mattresses, so many more coils can be fit into a Hybrid Latex mattress by Eco Terra than what you would find in a bargain brand innerspring mattress. The Quantum coils around the edge of the mattress are 15 gauge to provide extra edge support, while the inner coils are 16 gauge for a more comfortable feel and pressure point relief.

      3″ Soft Natural Latex Layer – The top layer of an Eco Terra Hybrid Latex mattress is a 3″ layer of natural and soft Talalay latex. The Talalay latex Eco Terra uses starts off as Global Organic Latex Standard certified single-source Arpico latex that is then turned into soft Talalay latex layers. Because Eco Terra always uses single-origin latex from the same supplier, its mattresses are perfectly calibrated to the perfect comfort level, and every mattress made will always feel the ones made before it.

      Organic Cotton Cover – The last step of a Hybrid Latex mattress manufactured by Eco Terra is an exceptionally made Global Organic Textiles Standard cotton and wool cover. The wool acts not only as a body temperature regulator and a natural fire barrier but also helps prevent dust mites and mildew. The breathable cotton compliments the mattress with a plush textured soft sleeping surface that will let your bedding do what it’s supposed to do – feel great!

      Recommended for:

      The Medium Firmness Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress is best for back sleepers that like a medium-feeling mattress that slightly contours their backside without sagging. The Medium-Firm Hybrid Latex Mattress is best for heavier back sleepers that need extra support, and stomach sleepers requiring a firm bed for spinal alignment.

      More about Eco Terra:

      Eco Terra hybrid mattresses are made from organic latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and hardened coils made from recycled steel. Made in the USA (Camarillo, California) with Latex sourced from Sri Lanka. No chemicals. No polyurethane. No toxins. Safe and Non-Toxic Mattresses with Quantum coils and increased Edge support.

      Eco Terra Highlights:

      Click to see Pricing
      Eco TerraTwinFullQueenKing
      Hybrid Latex$699$899$999$1299

      (Twin XL and California King sizes are also available.)

      Eco Terra Sales & Promo Codes:

      The Difference Between Organic, Natural, Green, and Eco-Friendly

      The terms “organic” and “natural” get tossed around a lot, and many people might assume they mean the same thing. The truth is that they are far from the same thing and “natural” has become a bit of a green-washing term similar to what “eco-friendly” has become in recent years.

      Requirements to be Certified Organic

      Some mattress makers use the word “organic”, but without certification, it doesn’t mean anything.

      • Certified Organic most often means that the product is at least 95% organic and made without toxic ingredients. – The most commonly used organic certifiers use this standard, including the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic certifications.
      • Certified Organic products derived from plants are grown without synthetic treatments, genetic engineering, or toxic ingredients. – This means certified organic cotton, flax, and latex used in mattresses were grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizers. It also means that the plants were grown from seeds that were not genetically modified (non-GMO) and that they weren’t whitened with harmful chemicals like bleach.
      • Certified Organic products derived from animals that weren’t fed inorganic food, treated with synthetic supplements, genetically modified, or processed with toxic ingredients. – This means organic wool used in mattresses was obtained from sheep that grazed on land that wasn’t treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. It also means the sheep weren’t genetically modified or treated with synthetic hormones, medicine, steroids, or parasiticides.

      Natural Materials Explained

      Mattress makers use the term “natural” for materials that come from nature, but there are no real requirements or certifications.

      • Natural Latex means the latex is made from plants and not mixed with synthetic filler. This is true for all latex that isn’t mixed with synthetic rubbers since it’s made from the sap of rubber trees. Talalay latex is natural but can’t be organically certified because it’s processed with chemicals that put it below the 95% organic threshold. Natural Latex that isn’t certified organic is still far healthier than memory foam and other polyurethane foams made from petroleum and a host of potentially toxic synthetic chemicals.
      • Natural Cotton just means that the cotton is a from plant and not artificial or synthetic. There are natural cotton suppliers that have grown cotton from genetically modified seeds or have used inorganic fertilizers while the crop was growing. This doesn’t mean the cotton is terrible, it’s just not as good as organic certified cotton, it’s still far healthier than synthetic-based textiles like rayon and polyester.
      • Natural Wool just means that the wool is from a sheep and it’s not artificial or synthetic. Wool from sheep that grazed on land that isn’t organic can’t be certified as organic, the same goes for wool from sheep that were treated with synthetic chemicals and medicine. Natural wool is still far healthier than artificial wool textiles made from synthetics like acrylic, rayon, and polyester.

      Green and Eco-Friendly Merketing Tactics

      The terms “Green” and “Eco-friendly” are just green-washing terms that many companies use to seem healthier and better for the environment when in reality they often mean very little if not combined with natural origins or organic certifications.

      • Bio-Foam is labeled as Green and Eco-Friendly because it’s Polyurethane Foam that’s made from a mix of petroleum and organic-based vegetable oil. The foam is still usually 80% petroleum-based that contains many toxins and off-gasses like normal memory foam.
      • Rayon is labeled as Green because it’s made from the pulp of plants like bamboo and thistle. However, to turn the pulp of plants into rayon it must first be dissolved using harsh chemicals that are toxic.

      Hazardous Mattress Materials to Avoid for Healthy Sleep

      Being concerned about fiberglass in mattresses is a no-brainer because it’s literally glass. Here are brief explanations of the other materials mentioned earlier, as well as the health risks associated with them and why you don’t want to be sleeping on any of them.

      Modacrylic: Mucous Membrane Irritant, Possibly Carcinogenic

      Modacrylic – a synthetic copolymer, made with modified acrylic fibers made from acrylonitriles with larger amounts of other polymers added to make the copolymers. Modacrylic has properties that are similar to acrylic. However, modacrylics are flame-retardant and do not combust. The fibers are difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish.

      The acrylonitriles that Modacrylics are made from are known to cause mucous membrane irritation, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. They have also been deemed a carcinogen when tested on lab rats.

      Polyester: Skin Irritant to Some, Made with Chemicals

      Polyester – a category of polymers including naturally occurring chemicals, such as in plants and insects, as well as synthetics such as poly butyrate. Natural polyesters and a few synthetic ones are biodegradable, but most synthetic polyesters are not.

      Although not considered a health risk by the FDA, CDC, or EPA, many of the chemicals used to make Polyester are health concerns and carcinogens. Antimony is one of the ingredients in many polyesters, and it can often be found in trace amounts on finished polyester products. Many people have skin and respiratory issues when in contact with polyester for long periods of time.

      Rayon: Made with Chemicals, Some Worse than Others

      Rayon – also known as Viscose, a semisynthetic fiber made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. Rayon is produced by dissolving cellulose, then converting this solution back to insoluble fibrous cellulose.

      Rayon is made in three different ways:

      • One way, the Cuprammonium method, uses Copper and Ammonia and has been banned in The United States because of detrimental environmental effects.
      • The second way, Viscose method, uses carbon disulfide which is a neurotoxic colorless volatile liquid poison with symptoms that include loss of appetite, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological problems, burning eyes, increased deaths for heart disease, increased miscarriages, deformed sperm, and decreased immune response.
      • The third way, Lyocell method, dissolves the cellulose in N-methyl morpholine N-oxide (NMMO) and then dry jet-wet spinning. Unlike the viscose process, the Lyocell process does not use highly-toxic carbon sulfide, but the Lyocell process is not widely used because it is more expensive than the viscose process. Tencel is an example of a Lyocell method fiber.

      So really, unless you know where and how the Rayon was made, can you trust it’s not loaded with leftover chemicals? However, if I had to sleep on a bed that uses a Rayon material, a Lyocell method Rayon like TENCEL would be my choice since the Lyocell method is the safest of the three methods.

      Silica: Ingredient of Fiberglass, Increased Risk of Autoimmune Diseases

      Silica – more specifically, a compound called Silicon dioxide (SiO2), is most commonly found in nature in various living organisms, plants, and as quartz. In many parts of the world, silica is the most common ingredient of sand. Silica is the primary ingredient in the production of most glass, as well as “Fiberglass”.

      Inhaling finely divided crystalline silica dust can lead to silicosis, bronchitis, or lung cancer, as the dust becomes lodged in the lungs and continuously irritates the tissue, reducing lung capacities. When fine crystalline silica particles are inhaled in large enough quantities, it increases the risk of systemic autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis compared to expected rates in the general population.

      Because silica is a main ingredient of fiberglass, many mattresses manufacturers will claim to sell latex and memory foam mattresses without fiberglass by calling it silica instead – Be WEARY of this!

      On the other hand, Hydrated Silica is Silicon Dioxide combined with additional water molecules (H2O3Si). It is generally regarded as safe and is used in cosmetics and food as an anti-caking agent, in beer manufacturing as a stabilizer, and in some toothpaste as a mild abrasive. If Hydrated Silica is partially dehydrated into a Silica gel (I know, right? Dehydrated Hydrated-Silica) it has the ability to absorb moisture in its immediate area and can therefore be found in the form of those moisture absorbing packets in dried foods like beef jerky, as well as any other products that manufacturers want to keep dry like shoes and purses. (That’s why those packets have “DO NOT EAT” and “DO NOT OPEN” printed on them – not because they are a terrible poison or toxin, but instead because of their natural tendency to absorb H2O wouldn’t be great for your body if ingested.. for obvious reasons. They would also expand and possibly choke a person if eaten.)

      Antimony: Respiratory and Other Irritations, Potentially Carcinogenic

      Antimony – more specifically, a compound of Antimony called Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3) combined with other halogenated compounds has flame retardant properties that inhibit fire. Antimony Trioxide is often added to Modacrylics and Polyester Fibers.

      Antimony Trioxide is toxic and its effects may be similar to arsenic poisoning. May cause respiratory irritation, pneumoconiosis, gastrointestinal symptoms, and cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, Antimony Trioxide is potentially carcinogenic to humans. Making sure you’re not sleeping on an old mattress containing Antimony is very important.

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