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Below is a big list of fiberglass-free mattress brands that can be found online. These are mattress brands that have been scrutinized from top to bottom, promoting safe sleep that is healthy and full of rest.

Stack of Mattresses with text that says Big List of Mattress Brands that don't Fiberglass

I contact mattress brands on the web to ask this question:

Do any of your latex and/or memory foam mattresses contain Fiberglass?

Then I fact-check everything the mattress brands say while checking their websites’ darkest corners, product reviews on Amazon/Walmart, Youtube videos, and Reddit, and other social media to find out which mattress brands are fiberglass-free and which brands use potentially dangerous fiberglass.

Unlike other lists of 200+ fiberglass mattresses, I do NOT just take what a mattress maker says as truth. Silica isn’t always just silica, and core-spun glass fiber is just another form of fiberglass. Plus, many mattress brands are deceptive and outright lie about fiberglass use in the mattresses they sell.

List of Non-Fberglass and Fiberglass Mattresses

BrandGlass FiberFR Materials
5 Little MonkeysNoFR Rayon
AmerisleepPossiblyCotton, Polyester ?
AmoreNoFR Rayon (some), Wool
AviyaNoFlax, Mint Seed
AvocadoNoGraphite, Hydrated Silica, Wool
BearNoFR Rayon
BedStoryNoFR Rayon
Best Price MattressLikely"Silica"
Big FigNoFlax, Linseed
Big Mattress CoNoUnstated
Boring Mattress CoNoFood-Grade Salt
Brentwood HomeNoHydrated Silica
Brooklyn BeddingNoHydrated Silica
CasperYesFiberglass, FR Rayon
Chime by AshleyLikelyUnstated
Classic BrandsYesFiberglass
Diamond MattressNoUnstated
DLX MattressNoFR Rayon
Douglas (US)YesFiberglass (USA Only)
Dreamfoam BeddingNoHydrated Silica
Eco TerraNoWool
Eight SleepPossiblyModacrylic, "Silica"
eLuxuryNoFR Rayon
EmmaLikelyModacrylic, "Silica"
Endy (CA)Non/a
EssentiaNoPara Aramid
Fullmoon (US)YesFiberglass (USA Only)
GhostBedYes"Glass Fiber"
GoodMorning (CA)Non/a
HelixNoRayon, Silica
Hope MattressNoFR Rayon
Latex for LessNoWool
Latex Mattress FactoryNoFR Rayon, Wool
LeesaNoFR Rayon
Logan & Cove (Canada)Non/a
MilliardNoFR Chemicals
Milton Sleep CoLikelyUnstated
MinocasaNoFR Rayon
MLILYNoAmidinourea Phosphate, Ammonium Polyphosphate
Natural FormNoUnstated
Nest BeddingNoHydrated Silica, Wool
NolahNoHydrated Silica, Wool
Novosbed (US)YesFiberglass (USA Only)
NueNoFR Rayon
Octave (CA)Non/a
Olee SleepYesFiberglass
Peace LilyNoWool
Perfect CloudYesFiberglass
PillarNoFR Rayon
PlankNoHydrated Silica
Plush BedsNoFR Rayon (vegan), Wool
PolysleepNoFR Rayon
SaatvaNoFR Rayon, Polyester
SealyYes"Glass Fiber"
Signature Designs (Ashley)LikelyUnstated
Signature SleepYes"Glass Fiber"
Silk & Snow (US)YesFiberglass (USA Only)
Sleep EZNoWool
Sleep InnovationsYesFiberglass
Sleep On LatexNoWool
Sleep NumberLikelyUnstated
Sleepy's (Mattress Firm)YesFiberglass
Soaring HeartNoWool
SsecretlandNoFR Chemicals?
Stearns & FosterNoUnstated
Sunrising BeddingNoFR Rayon, Wool
Sweet ZzzNoWool
Tempur-PedicYes"Glass Fiber"
Tuft & NeedleNoFood-Grade Salt
VayaPossiblyCotton, Polyester ?
ZomaPossiblyCotton, Polyester ?

Fiberglass Mattress Sources & Citations

Non-Fiberglass Mattress Brands

  • 5 Little Monkeys
    5 Little Monkeys researches, designs, and manufactures mattresses without fiberglass especially for growing children and their ever-changing sleep needs.

  • Amore Beds
    Amore Beds makes mattresses latex and memory foam mattresses without fiberglass, it relies on organic wool or FR rayon to pass flammability tests.

  • Avocado
    Avocado makes latex and hybrid mattresses without using fiberglass, while instead relying on graphite, hydrated silica, or wool as a fire retardant.

  • Bear
    Bear makes mattresses without the use of fiberglass that instead rely on a Fire-Resistant Rayon in its flame barriers.

  • Big Fig
    Big Fig makes mattresses specially designed for larger people, with “bigger figures”, and the flame barriers rely on a blend of natural materials like flax and linseed instead of potentially harmful fiberglass.

  • Birch
    Birch makes mattresses using natural and organic certified materials like latex and organic cotton, the flame barriers are made of organic wool.

  • Boring Mattress Co
    Boring Mattress Co makes simple and affordable mattresses that rely on food-grade salt to pass flammability testing standards.

  • Brentwood Home
    Brentwood Home manufacturers memory foam mattresses without fiberglass, as well as hybrid and latex mattresses. Brentwood Home relies on rayon, polyester, and hydrated silica to meet flammability test standards.

  • Brooklyn Bedding
    Brooklyn Bedding makes multiple hybrid and memory foam mattress in a box options with no fiberglass by utilizing hydrated silica instead.

  • DLX Mattress
    DLX Mattress takes pride in manufacturing its own mattresses instead of outsourcing the job, along with being very transparent regarding mattress materials. DLX Mattress uses silicic acid (polysilicic acid) incorporated with viscose to form inherently fire-resistant rayon for its flame barriers.

  • Dreamfoam Bedding
    Dreamfoam Beddings makes memory foam mattresses without the use of fiberglass, plus hybrid and latex mattresses. Dreamfoam Bedding is a brand under Brooklyn Bedding and uses the same firesock.

  • Eco Terra
    Eco Terra makes eco-friendly natural latex mattresses without fiberglass that utilize organic wool as a flame-retardant.

  • Endy
    Endy mattresses are fiberglass-free, but they are only sold in Canada.

  • Essentia
    Essentia is a Canadian brand that makes fiberglass-free mattresses by using para aramid (kevlar) as the flame barrier, with shipping to the United States.

  • Happsy
    Happsy manufactures a mattress in a box with no fiberglass that features organic latex, cotton, and wool. Happsy’s entire mattresses have GOTS and GOLS organic certifications, not just the individual materials.

  • Hope Mattress
    Hope Mattress sells mattresses that are free of fiberglass and rely on fire-resistant rayon to pass flammability testing standards.

  • iSense
    iSense sells mattresses that don’t contain fiberglass while instead relying on Kevlar as the FR material in its flame barriers.

  • Latex for Less
    Latex for Less makes latex mattresses without fiberglass, using only natural wool as a flame retardant barrier on its latex mattresses.

  • Logan & Cove
    Logan & Cove mattresses are fiberglass-free, but they are only sold in Canada.

  • Minocasa
    Minocasa makes hybrid memory foam mattresses that use a rayon and polyester blend instead of fiberglass as the flame retardant. Its chat support team are some of the most helpful and forthcoming mattress representatives I’ve ever chatted with!

  • Natural Form
    Natural Form makes innovative hybrid mattresses without fiberglass that utilize adjustable air pockets instead of springs or coils. Natural Form mattresses are made with natural merino wool and CertiPUR-US certified foam.

  • Naturepedic
    Naturepedic sells organic latex and hybrid mattresses that do not contain fiberglass. Naturepedic beds are made using only organic wool, cotton, and sugarcane-based PLA bio-plastic batting. PLA bioplastics are made from plants and are safe enough to be used as food packaging.

  • Nest Bedding
    Nest Bedding makes hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses without fiberglass that either rely on organic wool and cotton combined with hydrated silica as a fire retardant, or a blend of inherently fire-resistant rayon and polyester.

  • Nolah
    Nolah’s “Natural” mattress in a box has no fiberglass and is made with organic latex and organic wool. The Nolah Nurture line is also fiberglass-free. However, Nolah’s other lines of mattresses contain a hydrated silica flame barrier.

  • Nue
    Nue mattresses by FXI rely on a fire-resistant rayon for its flame barrier and are fiberglass-free.

  • Octave Sleep
    Octave Sleep mattresses are fiberglass-free, but only sold in Canada.

  • Parachute
    Parachute makes natural fiberglas-free mattresses without foams, adhesives, or chemicals. Parachute mattresses are constructed of just coils, organic cotton, and natural wool used as both padding as well as the flame barrier.

  • Peace Lily
    Peace Lily makes natural pillows, toppers, and mattresses that are fiberglass-free and use zero synthetic fillers.

  • Pillar
    Pillar makes fiberglass-free hybrid and 2-sided flippable mattresses that rely on FR rayon in the flame barrier.

  • Plank
    Plank hybrid and foam mattresses without fiberglass that instead rely on hydrated silica to pass flammability testing standards.

  • PlushBeds
    PlushBeds makes latex and memory foam mattresses without fiberglass that rely on certified organic latex, cotton, and wool in its construction. The “Natural Bliss” vegan line of mattresses contains no wool, but has rayon instead.

  • Polysleep
    Polysleep sells fiberglass-free mattresses in both the USA and Canada, the mattresses sold in The United States rely on a fire-resistant rayon flame barrier.

  • Saatva
    Saatva makes hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses with no fiberglass. Saatva relies on wool as flame barrier in its latex mattresses, and inherently fire-resistant silica rayon blended with polyester in the rest of its mattresses.

  • Sleep EZ
    Sleep EZ makes fiberglass-free natural and organic mattresses that use wool as a natural flame barrier.

  • Sleep On Latex
    Sleep On Latex makes natural latex mattresses without fiberglass that are constructed simply with only certified organic wool as the flame barrier.

  • Soaring Heart
    Soaring Heart makes certified organic mattresses that use only organic wool as a flame barrier while being free of fiberglass.

  • Spindle
    Spindle makes revolutionary mattresses without fiberglass, instead using only certified organic wool as a flame retardant. Spindle encourages customers to remove their mattress covers for cleaning and to rearrange the latex layers for a perfectly customized mattress feel.

  • Sunrising Bedding
    Sunrising Bedding makes very affordable hybrid and memory foam mattresses without fiberglass that utilize wool or rayon as the fire retardant mattress inner covers.

  • Sweet Zzz
    Sweet Zzz sells a fiberglass-free organic latex hybrid mattresses that reliy solely on organic wool for its flame barriers.

  • Turmerry
    Turmerry makes hybrid and full latex mattresses using organic cotton, latex, and natural wool as a flame barrier without fiberglass.

Brands To Be Wary Of When Shopping For Mattresses

  • BedStory
    BedStory makes some of the most affordable mattresses while claiming they are made without fiberglass, both hybrid and memory foam. In an email BedStory stated it uses flame retardant viscose (FR rayon) and low melt point PET fibers (polyester), but this has not been confirmed.

    CHITA used to sell more than one mattress on Amazon, however, CHITA wasn’t very open about the materials used and seems to have stopped selling mattresses.

  • Diamond Mattress
    Diamond Mattress states it makes fiberglass-free mattresses, but it does not provide much information on what materials its flame barrier uses instead.

  • eLuxury
    eLuxury admits its mattresses used to contain fiberglass in the flame barrier, but states it has since switched to a FR rayon material instead.

  • GoodMorning
    GoodMorning brand mattresses are fiberglass-free in Canada, but its mattresses sold in the United States do contain fiberglass in their flame barriers.

    HELIX used to have fiberglass in its Standard line of mattresses, but as of 2022 every HELIX Sleep mattress in a box has no fiberglass!

  • IKEA
    IKEA sells many fiberglass-free mattresses, but its Amsosen mattress still contains fiberglass.

    IULULU mattress listings claim to be fiberglass-free on Amazon, but when I contacted IULULU it could not provide any information regarding what flame retardant is used instead.

  • Keetsa
    KEETSA makes innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses with no fiberglass in the materials. However, KEETSA does use questionable Polyacrylonitrile as a fire retardant in its mattresses.

  • Leesa
    Leesa previously admitted the use of a core-spun fiberglass thread just beneath the outer cover of the mattress, however, it’s now using a FR rayon flame barrier to ensure customer safety.

  • Luuf
    Luuf states its mattresses are made without fiberglass, but it fails to disclose what material gives its flame barriers the fire-resistant properties they require.

  • Milliard
    Milliard makes mattresses without the use of fiberglass, but instead uses unspecified flame retardant chemicals that it states are allowed by federal and state regulations.

    MLILY mattresses are made without using fiberglass. Instead of Fiberglass, MLILY uses Amidinourea Phosphate and Ammonium Polyphosphate as a flame retardant.

  • Molblly
    Molblly mattresses are fiberglass-free, but previously ALL of its mattresses contained fiberglass when initially questioned. Molblly’s new flame barriers design is 92% cotton and 8% polyester, which means there is some sort of flame-resistant chemical treatment or silica at work.

  • Novilla
    Novilla used to make mattresses that contained fiberglass, but some time during 2022 Novilla mattresses became fiberglass-free. However, Novilla has yet to disclose what exactly they have replaced fiberglass with in order to pass flammability testing regulations.

  • Ssecretland
    Ssecretland states its mattresses are made without fiberglass and have a flame barrier made of 92% Cotton and 8% Polyester. However, a blend of cotton and polyester is likely not sufficient for a mattress to pass flammability testing standards, so there is probably some form of silica or flame-retardant chemicals also being used. Amazon reviews show that SSecretland memory foam mattresses used to contain 60% fiberglass in the flame barriers.

  • SweetNight
    Sweetnight has never been transparent about how its mattresses pass flammability tests since 2020. Then, during 2023 SweetNight started claiming on its website that it stopped using fiberglass, fiberglass that it never admitted to using before. However, it has not been confirmed and the company still fails to state what flame retardant is being used instead.

  • Tuft & Needle
    Tuft & Needle used fiberglass in all mattresses previously, but stopped using it in some models around 2018, and then completely stopped using it in 2021.

  • Zinus
    Zinus was the first big brand to be involved in class-action lawsuits regarding fiberglass back in 2020. However, Zinus stopped using fiberglass recently in favor of rayon/polyacrylonitrile/carbon blend for its flame barrier. Do NOT buy an old Zinus mattress, but any newly manufactered Zinus mattresses from 2024 or later should be fiberglass-free!

Glass Fiber & Fiberglass Mattress Brands To Avoid

Plus, Deceptive & Non-Transparent Mattress Brands

NOTICE OF NON-AFFILIATION: is NOT endorsed by, affiliated, associated, or in ANY way connected with Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, or Tempur Sealy. Read more here.

  • Allswell
    Allswell mattresses are sold exclusively at Walmart, product reviews and Reddit users have shown that glass fiber is used in the flame barriers.

  • Amerisleep
    Amerisleep says it makes mattresses without fiberglass that use a fiberglass-free cotton and polyester firesock made by PyroGuard. However, cotton and polyester alone is not enough to pass flammability tests, so either they are being deceptive about fiberglass or there is a FR chemical involved. Either way, Amerisleep has been deceptive about its flame barriers for years.

  • Awara
    Awara won’t answer fiberglass questions in live-chat and prefers to answer by email instead, however, the emails are full of deceptive wordplay that fail to actually answer if glass fiber is used in the mattresses. I would avoid Awara for likely containing glass fibers.

  • Best Price Mattress
    Best Price Mattress states its foam mattresses only contain silica. Amazon review photos of Best Price Mattress tags show they do contain fiberglass. Best Price Mattress’ website states mattresses are Designed in the USA but fails to mention that they could actually be constructed in Canada, Europe, or USA. I would look at other options.

  • Casper
    Casper uses fiberglass in its mattresses, along with modacrylic, polyester, and rayon. Casper avoids the truth by saying it’s just silica, but with careful questioning the truth can be coaxed out. Perhaps the most concerning issue is Casper’s support insisting its mattresses would only leak silica that has come apart from the fiberglass, not the fiberglass itself.

  • Classic Brands
    Classic Brands admitted to using fiberglass in mattresses as a fire retardant. They ignore questions regarding where mattresses are manufactured, but the Classic Brands FAQ page says China or USA depending on the mattress.

  • Dormeo
    Dormeo claims to be fiberglass-free in its live chat, but its website doesn’t say anything about being fiberglass-free or what’s used instead of fiberglass. Also, a user on Twitter/X had the inner cover of her Dormeo mattress tested by a lab and it came back as vitreous fiber, which is another term for glass fiber.

  • DreamCloud
    DreamCloud is under the same parent company as Nectar, Resident Home, and is just as non-transparent about its flame barrier materials. I would avoid DreamCloud for possibly using fiberglass.

  • Eight Sleep
    Eight Sleep states its mattresses contain modacrylic and silica in the flame barrier, and modacrylic combined with silica is often code for glass fiber. Modacrylic isn’t healthy, so I’d avoid Eight Sleep just for that even the “silica” isn’t fiberglass.

  • Emma Sleep
    Emma Sleep makes mattresses that use 60% modacrylic and 40% Silica as a fire retardant, and I strongly suspect the “silica” is just fiberglass.

  • Fullmoon
    Fullmoon mattresses are made and sold by GoodMorning, and while GoodMorning mattresses are fiberglass-free in Canada, its mattresses sold in the US do contain fiberglass in the flame barriers.

  • Ghostbed
    Ghostbed uses what it calls a “glass fiber scrim” inside its mattresses for flammability testing, it just sounds like a regular fiberglass firesock.

  • Inofia
    Every time I contacted Inofia about fiberglass, my question was ignored and I was instead given information that I didn’t request. Rather than get stuck in a never-ending loop of asking the same question over and over I decided that Inofia probably contains fiberglass.

  • Layla
    When contacted, Layla Sleep admitted the use of glass fiber in Layla mattresses, but this info isn’t available on its website without researching vague textile terms that look fairly innocent.

  • Linenspa
    Linenspa’s 5″ Gel mattresses contain fiberglass, while the rest of its mattresses use a fire-retardant treated cotton that should probably be avoided.

  • Lucid
    Lucid stated all its mattress contain fiberglass except the gel-infused meory foam line that uses fire-retardant treated cotton instead, however reviews suggest those mattresses contain fiberglass as well.

  • Lytton
    Lytton does not disclose its flame barrier materials on its website, and has thus far ignored all of my requests for more information regarding glass fiber use and flame barrier materials. I would avoid Lytton mattresses for its lack of transparency regarding flame barrier materials.

  • Milton Sleep Co.
    Milton Sleep Co completely dodged fiberglass questioning and said that anyone avoiding synthetic materials should just avoid Milton Sleep Co mattresses.

  • Molecule
    Molecule states the Reflex line of mattresses is fiberglass-free, but the Standard line of mattresses contains a fiberglass yarn.

  • Nectar
    Nectar admits the use of Fiberglass in its mattresses, as well as Rayon and Polyester. Nectar initially denied the use of any potentially harmful material in its mattresses when contacted but changed its answer when shown Amazon reviews of Nectar mattresses leaking glass-like particles. Nectar should be avoided at all costs.

  • Novaform
    Novaform states its 12″ Advanced Back Support and 10″ SoFresh mattresses contain fiberglass, but that other mattresses are free of fiberglass.

  • Novosbed
    Novosbed mattresses sold in the US contain fiberglass, while Novosbed mattresses sold in Canada are fiberglass-free.

  • Olee Sleep
    Olee Sleep openly states its mattresses are made with fiberglass along with Polyester, Acrylic, and Spandex.

  • Perfect Cloud
    Perfect Cloud uses fiberglass in its mattresses, but claims the fiberglass is “Special”. Common sense says it’s probably not.

  • Puffy
    Puffy used to avoid material questioning and just said its firesocks were silica and wool encased in polyester. However, there is a Puffy FAQ page that confirms fiberglass in its mattresses.

  • Purple
    Purple says it uses silica spun into a yarn that’s knit into the fabric of the mattress flame barriers. However, That’s exactly how fiberglass is used in mattresses. Plus, even if it’s not fiberglass, pure silica fibers could lead to the same problems as fiberglass fibers.

  • Sealy
    Sealy initially dodged questions and just said its mattresses are made in the United States. However, Sealy eventually admitted its use of core-spun glass fiber after much questioning.

  • Siena
    Siena is a sister-company to Nectar, and is just as deceptive and non-transparent as Nectar is when it comes to answering questions about fiberglass and its flame barrier materials.

  • Serta
    Serta states its flame barrier is mainly cotton and rayon fibers, but also admits that its mattresses may also contain” fiberglass encapsulated within” as well.

  • Signature Designs (by Ashley)
    Ashley Furniture avoided Signature Designs fiberglass questioning, but numerous reports of fiberglass leaking from mattresses in Amazon reviews and on Reddit pretty much confirmed the strong suspicions that it uses fiberglass in its mattresses.

  • Signature Sleep
    Signature Sleep’s firesocks were 50% fiberglass and 50% modacrylic before 2022, but have since starting saying it’s “glass fiber” and not fiberglass.

  • Silk & Snow
    Silk & Snow mattresses are made without fiberglass in Canada. However, United States customers should be aware that all Silk & Snow do contain fiberglass EXCEPT for the Organic mattress that uses wool instead.

  • Simmons
    Simmons admits it makes mattresses that rely on a fiberglass yarn used in its flame barriers.

  • Sleep Innovations
    Sleep Innovations states that all of its mattresses use a fiberglass yarn in the flame barriers.

  • Sleep Number
    The first Sleep Number associate I spoke with when I called said she was pretty sure all Sleep Number mattresses have fiberglass. However, after transferring me to different departments for confirmation, the question of fiberglass was danced around and avoided like the black plague. That is a pretty good reason to avoid Sleep Number.

  • Sleepy’s (by Mattress Firm)
    While in contact with Mattress Firm I was told that Sleepy’s mattresses are made the same way as the Tulo brand. This means Sleepy’s mattresses are made with fiberglass as the flame retardant.

  • Stearns and Foster
    I was told by the Stearns and Foster livechat that it uses core-spun glass fiber in its flame barrier. Then, after threatening me with legal actions, its lawyer said the chatbot was incorrect while still failing to reveal the flame retardant materials actually used. I didn’t even get an apology.

  • Tempurpedic
    Tempur Sealy’s Tempurpedic mattresses definitely contain glass fiber. Although Tempurpedic tries to avoid disclosing materials used in its mattresses, after careful questioning they admitted the use of core-spun glass fiber in its mattresses.

  • Tulo
    I asked Mattress Firm via chat about fiberglass in Tulo mattresses, and they gave me a straight answer. Tulo mattresses by Mattress Firm do in fact contain fiberglass, the flame-retardant firesock contains fiberglass. The tags on Tulo mattresses don’t list fiberglass as a material, and Mattress Firm was pretty dodgy about fiberglass questions until very recently.

  • Vaya
    Vaya supposedly makes memory foam and hybrid mattresses without fiberglass, instead of fiberglass it relies on a suspicious cotton and polyester blended firesock as a flame barrier. Vaya is a sister company of Amerisleep, and therefore held under the same suspicions of deceptive practices regarding its flame barrier materials.

  • Zoma
    Zoma makes hybrid and memory foam mattresses that rely on a supposed cotton/polyester blend firesock to meet flammability testing standards instead of fiberglass. Zoma is a sister company to Amerisleep, and therefore considered equally deceptive.

Why Make a List of Fiberglass-Free Mattresses?

In late 2019 I published one of the first articles about fiberglass in mattresses that gained substantial attention online, it was shared on Reddit, Tumblr, social media, and even some fiberglass awareness websites. Since then, fiberglass being used in the mattress industry has gained a lot more attention on social media, TikTok, and even in the news.

Unfortunately, my article was also noticed by big mattress review websites. The big mattress review websites copied and re-wrote my article to be used as a marketing strategy for selling mattresses. They used their fiberglass mattress articles just to make money instead of being a resource to help people be safe and healthy. Some of the mattresses they recommended at times weren’t even fiberglass-free.

While the article is still on this website, its title and address have changed to keep up with the times, and the big table was removed because it didn’t work well on mobile devices. Also, the content has evolved due to the changing nature of the internet and the constant battle against these mattress websites and their teams of writers and SEO specialists over Google search engine rankings.

Basically, this List of Mattress Brands Without Fiberglass is information that no longer fit or worked in other fiberglass-free article at Rather than just scrap the list of mattress brands without fiberglass and replies from mattress brands about fiberglass, I decided to give it a new home.

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