Fiberglass Free Mattress Awareness

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The Best Mattresses Without Fiberglass

A review and comparison of the best mattresses without fiberglass in 2024, including latex, memory foam, hybrid, and inner-springs!

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Best Fiberglass Free Mattress on Amazon in 2024

A Thorough review of the best fiberglass free mattresses on Amazon, including Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrid, Vegan, and Budget options.

Soaring Hearts Organic Latex Mattress

Best Natural and Organic Mattresses for Non-Toxic Sleep

Buying a Natural and Organic mattress is the best way to ensure healthy, non-toxic sleep without hazardous material and chemical exposure.

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List of Fiberglass Mattresses – 100 Mattress Brands Checked

Big list of fiberglass mattress brands, deceptive brands that might secretly be using fiberglass, plus non-fiberglass mattress brands!

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Mattress Material Certifications Explained: The Best and the Worst

All about the Best Mattress Certifications for Organic, Low VOC, Non-Toxic, Fair Trade, and Sustainable mattress material certifications.

How to Clean Fiberglass Contamination

15 Steps to Clean Up Fiberglass Contamination from a Mattress

If your mattress has been leaking fiberglass, immediate action should be taken to clean up fiberglass particles and stop them from spreading.

Fiberglass in Mattresses Is a Danger to Health

Is Fiberglass in Mattresses Safe? No, it’s Potentially Harmful.

Fiberglass is dangerous and unsafe, but mattress makers still use it as a cheap means to pass flammability tests at the cost of our health while contaminating our homes.

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Is Core-Spun Glass Fiber just Fiberglass? Yeah, Pretty Much.

No matter how much the mattress makers try to say their core-spun glass fibers are different, encapsulated, or technologically advanced – it’s still just fiberglass.

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The Difference Between Silica and Fiberglass in Mattresses

Instead of removing potentially harmful fiberglass from their mattresses, many mattress makers just began saying their glass fiber is actually just Silica.

Consumer Product Safety Commission File Complaint

Submit Fiberglass Mattress Complaints

If your mattress has leaked fiberglass and caused health, home, or monetary damages and hardships – you should definitely file fiberglass mattress complaints at all the appropriate agencies.


Are Mattress Labels Required to List Fiberglass?

My theory on how mattress companies easily circumvent laws requiring fiberglass to be listed on tags, or they’ve just been openly breaking the law this entire time.

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Fiberglass Checks

Want to know if a mattress brands has fiberglass? Check these Fiberglass Check posts to get a closer look!