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Sleep On Latex sells natural latex mattresses on its website, as well as Amazon. The mattresses are highly affordable for non-hybrid mattresses made purely of latex, organic wool and organic cotton.

Since Sleep On Latex is a very popular choice for affordable natural latex mattresses on Amazon, I decided to check whether they use fiberglass.

I was pleased to learn that Sleep On Latex mattresses use wool as a flame barrier, and there is no fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica of any kind.

Checking Out Sleep On Latex Fiberglass Use

I could not find anything on the Sleep On Latex website regarding fiberglass, so I decided to check its Amazon listings. The Amazon listings themselves do not mention fiberglass, only the latex, wool, and cotton.

However, an Amazon user submitted this question on a Sleep On Latex product page:

“Is there any fiberglass or glass fiber products used or contained in your mattress?”
-Amazon User

The Amazon user that answered the question was the seller account named SleepOnLatex.

This is what SleepOnLatex had to say regarding fiberglass on Amazon:

SleepOnLatex NoFiberglass Amazon

“Thank you for asking! No, there is no fiberglass or any other glass fiber products within our mattress. It’s 100% natural latex and it is 100% GOLS certified organic.”

At this point, I’m fairly certain Sleep On Latex is most likely fiberglass free, latex mattresses rarely have fiberglass.

Contacting Sleep on Latex about Fiberglass?

Even though the Answer to the Amazon Question was pretty clear, I decided to get directly in contact with Sleep On Latex anyway.

I contacted Sleep On Latex and asked them these questions about fiberglass and its mattress materials:

“Do any of your memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are your memory foam mattresses made in?”

I screwed up and asked them about memory foam mattresses instead of latex, woops. Luckily, Sleep On Latex got back to me soon and disregarded my mistake.

This is what Sleep On Latex had to say about fiberglass:

SleepOnLatex No Fiberglass Email

“We only sell latex mattresses that are made with 100% natural latex. There is no memory foam or synthetic latex added at all. The liquid latex is harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka and the foam is made in and shipped from Malaysia. Our latex does not contain fiberglass or any other similar materials in the cover or mattress. The cover is made with 100% organic cotton and 100% organic wool.”

I decided to be extra safe regarding other toxic mattress ingredientss and asked Sleep On Latex these questions next:

“What about Fire Retardant sprays like Antimony? Are Flammability tests passed with just the wool cover?”

Sleep On Latex got back to me and had this to say about antimony and Flammability tests:

SleepOnLatex No Fire Retardants Email

“Our mattress does not contain rayon, modacrylic, or silica. The cover has a zipper and the zipper tape is made of 100% polyester. Besides that, the cover fabric is 100% cotton and wool! We do not use any fire retardants. The wool in the mattress cover is enough to pass flammability tests.”

Does Sleep on Latex Use Fiberglass?

After searching the web, social media, Amazon reviews, and Reddit. I have not found any evidence to support the possibility that Sleep On Latex might be hiding fiberglass or some other glass fiber in its mattresses.

Sleep On Latex states its mattresses are fiberglass-free, and I feel very comfortable believing that statement.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2024

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