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Lucid sells mattress on its website and through online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart. It is the sister company of Linenspa, under their parent company Malouf.

I decided to look into Lucid’s possible fiberglass use very early in my quest to find a healthy and safe mattress for my daughter’s first “big girl bed”.

Asking Lucid About Fiberglass

Lucid’s website doesn’t currently offer any information about fiberglass usage in its flame barriers. The Lucid website didn’t have any details of its flame barrier back in 2019 either.

I decided to email Lucid and just ask them directly about fiberglass use instead of trying to find info on the web. I emailed Lucid and ask these questions:

Do your mattresses contain fiberglass? What about Polyester, Rayon, Modacrylic, or Antimony? Where are Lucid mattresses made?

Lucid replied to my email within a few days and has this to say about fiberglass:

Lucid Admits Fiberglass Use

“Here is a list of mattresses that have a treated cotton fire-retardant cover instead of a fiberglass fire retardant:
5 inch Gel Infused Memory Foam
6 inch Gel Infused Memory Foam
8 inch Gel Infused Memory Foam
10 inch Gel Infused Memory Foam
10 Inch Plush Gel Infused Memory Foam”

Lucid stated its gel-infused memory foam mattresses use a fire-retardant cover instead of fiberglass, while the rest of its mattresses contain fiberglass.

However, I found reports and reviews that show Lucid gel-infused memory foam mattresses did in fact contain fiberglass.

Lucid Fiberglass Use Confirmed

While it’s nice that Lucid admitted to me that fiberglass was in some of its mattresses, they apparently weren’t that honest, and they weren’t transparent with other potential customers either.

There are many reviews on Amazon that highlight fiberglass issues with Lucid gel-infused memory foam mattresses even though Lucid said those mattresses use FR cotton instead.

Plus, there are other reviews that suggest poor Lucid mattress design by customers who then had fiberglass contamination due to Lucid mattresses.

Lucid has not stopped using fiberglass, and hasn’t made any public statement that suggest it will ever stop.

I do not recommend Lucid mattresses since they definitely use fiberglass and have no plans to stop using glass fiber in its mattresses.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024

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