Does IULULU Use Fiberglass? Not if You Blindly Trust Them!

In August 2023 I contacted IULULU to ask for more information about its fiberglass-free claims on Amazon and its company website. I wanted to know if it made truly fiberglass free mattresses or not, so I contacted them and asked “does IULULU use fiberglass?”

Getting in Contact with IULULU

IULULU doesn’t have a live-chat on its website, which is usually my main method of asking about fiberglass. Instead, I had to write an email.

This is what I asked IULULU in the email that was sent:

“I’m curious – what makes the inner cover flame resistant without the fiberglass. What material is the inner FR cover made of? Is the inner FR cover sprayed with chemicals?”

IULULU’s First Unhelpful Reply

IULULU got back to me in a few hours, which is surprising. However, its reply was less than helpful. They sent me an image of a computer generated mattress make-up from their website that just states basic information and in no way answered my questions.

This is IULULU’s first reply:

“Do you mean material of the mattress? If it is, please have a look at the image attached and it’s about the material inside of this mattress.” -IULULU

This is the image IULULU included in the email:

IULULU Email Image

Both the email and image do not disclose any information about what material is used in the flame barrier, nor any insight into how flammability tests are passed.

Asking IULULU About Materials a 2nd Time

I replied to IULULU and reiterated my question. This time I was more specific, and I added more questions based off of the image that I was sent.

This is my first reply to IULULU:

“Yes, I’ve seen the image.. Regarding the inner sock, what makes the inner cover flame resistant without the fiberglass? What material is the Fire-Resistant inner sock cover made from? Is the inner FR cover sprayed with chemicals? Regarding the Outer bamboo-infused cover, what’s it made of? Just Rayon? Thanks.”

IULULU’s Final Reply about Mattress Materials

IULULU got back to me a second time and was even less helpful than the first. I was basically told there are no answers to my questions because they don’t know how manufacturers make the mattress.

This is IULULU’s 2nd reply:

“For that question, we are still waiting for a definite reply from the manufacturer. We will let you know if there is any news. Thanks for your understanding.” -IULULU

Email Screenshot Showing IULULU Not Knowing How Its Mattresses Are Made.

IULULU said it would get back to me when it knew more. I never heard from them again for over five months.

Closing Thoughts About IULULU and Fiberglass-Free Materials

I would avoid IULULU mattresses for possibly being deceptive regarding fiberglass use, and for definitely being unknowledgeable about its own products. IULULU is adamant that its beds are fiberglass free, but it only has basic information regarding what materials are in used in its mattresses by the manufacturing facility.

The flame barrier in IULULU mattresses could be harsh chemicals, it could even just be fiberglass that the manufacturing facility deceptively refers to as “silica” instead. Who really knows at this point? Not even IULULU knows.

Last Updated on February 22, 2024

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