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If you ask, Novilla will tell you its mattresses are fiberglass-free in 2024. That’s a good thing, right? I hope so.

Has Novilla Always been Fiberglass-Free?

When I first contacted Novilla about fiberglass in early 2022, it avoided questions about fiberglass.

However, the Amazon reviews that complained of 2020-2021 Novilla mattresses leaking fiberglass-like particles were pretty damning.

So, the answer is “no”. Novilla has not always been one of the fiberglass free mattress brands.

After a few more times pressing the issue, Novilla finally said its mattresses were fiberglass-free, but they couldn’t tell me what made the mattresses flame retardant without fiberglass.

Does Novilla Use Fiberglass Email

By then I’d already written the company off for being deceptive and decided not to market them as fiberglass-free.

So, When did Novilla Actually Become Fiberglass-Free?

Novilla hasn’t stated the specific date when they decided to stop using fiberglass. However, its support post titled “Do Your Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?” states:

“Please do not worry, Novilla mattresses do not contain fiberglass at all. We took it off once a study suggests this material might be a health threat.” -Novilla

The page was first posted on January 17, 2022, so I assume that is the date when Novilla felt comfortable that fiberglass has been phased out of all the mattresses they had to sell.

How is Novilla Passing Flammability Tests without Fiberglass?

Novilla hasn’t stated what it replaced fiberglass with, nor how it is passing flammability testing regulations without it.

Normally, I don’t believe that a fiberglass mattress maker has gone fiberglass-free unless it also explains how they replaced fiberglass in its materials.

However, because Novilla has not only a support post stating it’s fiberglass-free, but also a blog post titled “What Does Fiberglass Look Like on a Mattress“, I feel inclined to believe they are actually making mattresses without fiberglass.

It would still be reassuring to know how Novilla is passing flammability tests without fiberglass. The peace of mind gained from knowing it’s not some other potentially harmful material, or a harmful chemical, would be nice to have.

I will update this article if Novilla ever divulges its new flame barrier material.

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Last Updated on April 18, 2024

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