Does Dormeo Have Fiberglass? Lab Tests Seem to Confirm

Dormeo is a relatively unknown mattress brand that sells its products through its website as well as Amazon. Its mattresses look very advanced, and it uses foam springs, instead of coils, that Dormeo calls “Zoned Octaspring® Technology”.

Since Dormeo mattresses are so visually appealing, I decided to find out if Dormeo uses fiberglass when I saw them being recommended as fiberglass free on another review website.

Asking Dormeo about Fiberglass

In August 2023 I contacted Dormeo via live chat on its website to ask about fiberglass.

I asked the chat rep at Dormeo my normal question:

“Do Any of your mattresses contain fiberglass in the inner cover, flame barrier, or any other part of the mattress?”

This is the reply I received from Dormeo regarding fiberglass:

“Our products do not include any fiberglass or added flame retardant chemicals. They have passed the requirements of California bureau of electronic and appliance repair, home furnishings and thermal insulation technical bulletin 117-2013 with their materials of polyester in our cover, and viscoelastic memory foam as the core of the mattresses and topper.” -Dormeo

Dormeo Website Live Chat sascreenshot where chat representative says Dormeo mattresses don't have fiberglass

That’s great! Right? Well, I never take what mattress makers say at face value and always dig deeper.

Searching the Web for Dormeo Fiberglass Reports

There aren’t a lot of places to read Dormeo mattress reviews, aside from the Dormeo website, since the mattresses aren’t widely sold. The few listings on Amazon only have a handful of reviews, and many of them are Vine reviews for free products.

However, upon searching on Twitter/X I found a post by @AmberPTweet on August 2, 2023, stating the Dormeo mattress she owns has contaminated her home with fiberglass.

She even went as far as to send off her cat’s water bowl and a sample of the mattress’s inner cover to be tested by a lab. The lab test confirmed that her cat’s water bowl had “vitreous fiber” consistent with the fibers found in the mattress inner cover sample. Vitreous fiber is an alternative name for glass fiber, which suggests the Dormeo mattress uses a type of fiberglass.

What’s most alarming is that even further back on her timeline from April 2023 there was a string of posts regarding Dormeo ignoring her on the issue.

@AmberPTweet Dormeo Fiberglass Tweets

Dormeo Fiberglass Conclusion

Unless @AmberPTweet is some sort of crazy person, or it’s a fictitious account made by a competitor to discredit Dormeo, then I would think it’s safe to assume Dormeo uses Fiberglass in its mattresses. I would avoid Dormeo and not buy any of its mattress offerings.

I will get in contact with Dormeo for clarification on this matter and update this post accordingly.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024

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