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Signature Sleep was selling tons of mattresses on Amazon back when I first start looking into hidden fiberglass in mattresses.

Therefore, it was one of the first brands I contacted about fiberglass.

Contacting Signature Sleep About Fiberglass

Back in 2019, most mattress sellers weren’t addressing their flame barrier materials on their websites. The reason for this is that mattresses leaking fiberglass had yet to be written about in the media and have news reports shared on YouTube.

However, I actually did find something on DHP Furniture’s website, and DHP is the manufacturer of Signature Sleep mattresses. This is what it said:

“In order to meet federal flammability standards, our mattress is constructed using a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that includes glass fiber threads. These threads are not the same as fiberglass (i.e. insulation).”
-DHP Furniture

I decided to just shoot them an email anyway. Signature Sleep got back to me real fast, and was a very honest mattress seller compared to some other shady brands.

This is what Signature Sleep told me back then:

“Our Signature mattresses are manufactured in China… The FR barrier sock is made with a knitted process with 50% Modacrylic/50% Glass yarns (+/-10%). The Glass and Modacrylic yarns are used in the thread form on a small rolls and the final product is a kind of knitted (or woven) fabric.”

Signature Sleep admitted its flame barriers were 50% glass fiber.

Plua, I’d already seen Signature Sleep fiberglass mattress reviews on Amazon and just wanted to see if they’d lie or be deceptive.

Signature Sleep Fiberglass Update

I routinely check back in with mattress brands that use fiberglass to see if changes have been made. However, I actually slacked off on keeping up with Signature Sleep, though.

Recently, I stumbled upon a DHP Furniture support article stating it stopped using glass fiber in 2022.

“In 2022, the use of glass fibers was completely discontinued.”
-DHP Furniture

However, one thing of concern is DHP Furniture’s apparent attempt to make “glass fiber” and “fiberglass” seem like some vastly different material.

“Fiberglass is a loose fluff that looks a little like cotton candy; it is incredibly versatile and can be found in home insulation, or incorporated into bathtubs, automobile parts, and so much more. Glass fiber by contrast is spun into long and flexible continuous-strand threads which are then woven along with other materials into a stretchy sock that acts as an effective and chemical-free fire barrier.”
-DHP Furniture

Consumers searching for a mattress that doesn’t potentially contain tiny glass particles in it should NOT have to worry about silly semantics.

Signature Sleep Fiberglass Closing

Signature Sleep states it has been fiberglass-free since 2022, but care should still be taken with old-stock and second-hand mattresses that have fiberglass.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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