Does Puffy Use Fiberglass? Yes, Other Websites are Wrong.

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Asking Puffy about the materials used in the construction of its mattresses can be frustrating. Puffy will say its beds are made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified, but not much more. Further questioning will have you directed to the “How it’s Made” page of their website, which offers little to no extra information.

It seems that most of the big websites on the internet that publish reviews and market mattresses for affiliate commissions just took Puffy’s answers as truth and didn’t do much additional research. This is very sad because people trust what they read on official-looking websites and take what is said as truth.

Consumers have to be very careful when searching for mattresses that don’t contain fiberglass, not every mattress maker is honest and transparent about its fiberglass use.

Is it a Big Deal if Puffy uses Fiberglass?

Mattresses containing fiberglass have been popular in the news for quite a few years because they eventually break down and start leaking fiberglass shards. Damaged or torn mattresses that contain fiberglass can even start leaking glass before they have started to show any signs of age.

Checking your home for fiberglass contamination from a mattress is fairly simple. Turn the lights off so that the room is dark, then shine a flashlight around and under the bed. If you see things sparkling and shimmering when the flashlight passes over, it’s probably fiberglass.

There are also people who had a mess on their mattress and thought the zipper meant the cover was removable. They removed the cover to clean a stain while unintentionally releasing fiberglass all over their homes.

Some of the most unfortunate of these people actually washed their mattress covers in their clothes washing machines. After washing the mattress cover in the washing machine, it meant that any clothing washed in it was totally contaminated with fiberglass and ruined.

How are Puffy Mattresses Made?

According to Puffy’s “How it’s Made” page, this is how their mattresses are constructed:

  • Grip Base Cover – Puffy mattresses start off with a high-grip bottom cover that won’t slide around on mattress bases and frames.
  • Firm Core Support Foam + Contour-Adapt Coils – Next up is a base layer of supporting foam and coils that support the layers above it.
  • Climate Comfort™ Foam – After the coils is a layer of VPF-manufactured polyurethane support foam that blocks out pressure points from the coils.
  • Body-Adapting Plush Dual Cloud Foam (Luxe Only) – The Luxe line of Puffy mattresses has an extra layer of VPF-manufactured polyurethane comfort foam.
  • Cooling Cloud™ Foam – The top layer of foam on a Puffy mattress is a gel-infused cooling comfort foam that contours to the body.
  • Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover – The final step of a Puffy mattress is a hypoallergenic cover that can be unzipped and washed.

What the Puffy “How it’s Made” page neglects to list is materials. Aside from naming polyurethane foam, there is nothing else mentioned. It doesn’t mention what materials the top and bottom covers are made from. Puffy also doesn’t mention how flammability tests are passed, or what materials the firesock is made of if one exists.

Mattress Review Websites Insist Puffy is Fiberglass Free

When searching on Google for “Does Puffy use fiberglass” there are a ton of websites to assure you they do not.

“Puffy mattresses feature stain-resistant covers, cooling foams, premium coils, and loads of other sleep technologies to make your slumber better. Best of all: no fiberglass”

“After conducting in-depth research and analysis, we can confirm that Puffy mattresses are fiberglass-free”

“The Puffy is my best memory foam mattress without fiberglass due to its thick comfort layers and strong core..”

“No, puffy mattresses do not have fiberglass.”

However, they’re all wrong because Puffy mattresses DO contain fiberglass! What’s most infuriating is that these big mattress selling websites are spreading potentially harmful misinformation, due to either greed or laziness.

Puffy Mattresses have a Fiberglass Firesock

I pushed way further into Google search results and eventually found a page titled On that page it says: “Fiberglass is encapsulated in the core spun yarn of the required fire sock which is a flame retardant to protect the mattress, however, no fiberglass is bare or exposed, making this safe for use.”

Puffy Is there fiberglass in the mattresses freshdesk screenshot
Puffy Is there fiberglass in the mattresses? -freshdesk

I then went to Puffy’s website and started a chat conversation. I asked Puffy if the website is an official support page and was told that it’s the official support portal that houses frequently asked questions. After that, I copy and pasted the answer regarding fiberglass and asked if it was true and the Puffy representative confirmed that it is.

Puffy Fiberglass Chat part1 Image
Puffy Fiberglass Chat Part 1
Puffy Fiberglass Chat part2 Image
Puffy Fiberglass Chat Part 2

What’s most interesting is that when visiting the Puffy FAQ page the “Is there Fiberglass in the mattresses?” question is curiously not present. It’s almost as if Puffy is purposely hiding its mattresses’ fiberglass because many people won’t buy the mattresses otherwise, but they forgot about the freshdesk post.

Full Conversation with Puffy regarding Fiberglass

Puffy: Hello John, my name is Flavia and I’ll be assisting you today. What can I help answer about the support page?

Me: is an official support portal of Puffy?

Puffy: Yes, that is our support portal housing frequently asked questions –

Me: “Fiberglass is encapsulated in the core spun yarn of the required fire sock which is a flame retardant to protect the mattress, however, no fiberglass is bare or exposed, making this safe for use.” so that is true then?

Puffy: Yes, it is. We use a fire sock over the foam in the mattress to make it flame retardant.

Me: and the firesock contains fiberglass?

Puffy: Correct. It’s encapsulated in the core spun yarn.

Puffy Fiberglass Support Page Update

I just tried to go to the Support Page linked to earlier in the article titled Is there Fiberglass in the mattresses? : Puffy Help – Freshdesk and there was a message that said “Portal is currently not accessible”. I figured, maybe they just made the page non-accessible unless logged in, so I tried to login and the site said all my password attempts were incorrect.

Then I tried to reset my password and got this message: “Your account has been suspended and the customer portal will not be accessible. Please contact your account administrator.

Screenshot of Puffy Support Password Reset where Account has been Disabled

My email address contains “JSnow” so it wouldn’t have been too difficult to figure out which account was mine. Then again, Puffy may have just disabled all accounts and closed the whole support area so it would no longer be accessible from Google search results, guess we’ll never know!

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Last Updated on April 18, 2024

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