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Tuft & Needle was one of the big mattress brands making lots of sales when fiberglass in mattresses started getting new coverage.

I decided to check in on Tuft & Needle’s use of fiberglass pretty early on because of its popularity.

Initial Tuft & Needle Fiberglass Inquiry

There was not any readily available fiberglass information on Tuft & Needle’s website, so I went straight into direct contact mode.

I emailed Tuft & Needle and asked these questions:

Do any of your mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are your mattresses made in?

Tuft & Needle replied to me and had this to say about fiberglass:

Tuft and Needle Fiberglass Denial Email

“We manufacture our mattresses here in the US and do not use fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica in any components of our Original T&N or Mint mattress models.”
-Tuft & Needle

However, there were plenty of Amazon Reviews and reports on Reddit regarding fiberglass in Tuft & Needle Original and Mint mattresses.

Tuft & Needle said it did not use fiberglass in its Original or Mint models, but reports online showed otherwise. Plus, the reply led me to believe that all the other models probably had fiberglass.

Second Tuft & Needle Fiberglass Inquiry

I contacted Tuft & Needle to ask about fiberglass again recently. I was never satisfied with the previous Tuft & Needle responses, I had just written them off as containing fiberglass and would not recommend them to mattress shoppers.

Tuft & Needle told me that all of its mattresses are currently made without fiberglass.

I decided to ask Tuft & Needle these questions for clarification:

“So there is currently no fiberglass found in ANY Tuft & Needle mattresses? If that’s true, what material/ingredient/chemical are Tuft & Needle mattresses using to pass flammability testing regulations without fiberglass?”

This is the reply from Tuft & Needle:

Tuft and Needle Fiberglass Free 2024

“Previous iterations of the Original, Mint, and Amazon mattresses did use continuous glass filament in the fire barrier, but it has not been used as a material since 2021 for the Amazon exclusives and 2018 for the Original and Mint. For our fire barrier we use a fire sock – it’s a polyester/cotton blend knit fabric, treated with a food-grade salt. The exception to using the sock itself is the Nod Hybrid as the fire material in that is sewn/quilted into the cover, but it is still also made without fiberglass.”
-Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle never previously told me that its mattresses had fiberglass before 2018, so it’s interesting to have it freely offer that information during this interaction.

The fact that Amazon exclusive Tuft & Needle mattresses had fiberglass until 2021 explains a lot of the confusion and misinformation found online regarding its mattresses.

Scrutinizing Tuft & Needle Fiberglass-Free Claims

Apparently, other mattress consumers were previously told that Tuft & Needle mattresses made prior to 2018 had fiberglass, however, I wasn’t one of the people that received that reply.

It seems that other consumers saw Tuft & Needle’s response of Original and Mint mattresses being fiberglass-free and took that to mean that NO Tuft & Needle mattresses contained fiberglass.

These two things led to a lot of confusion around fiberglass use in Tuft & Needle mattresses.

Tuft & Needle states all its mattresses had fiberglass before 2018, Original and Mint mattresses became fiberglass-free in 2018, and the rest of its mattresses became fiberglass-free in 2021. Be careful when buying an old-stock or second-hand Tuft & Needle mattress that could possibly contain fiberglass.

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Last Updated on March 18, 2024

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  1. Just contacted puffy. The auto chat contradicted itself but I when I talked to a live agent. She said they did have fiberglass but in the past year switched to completely fiberglass free with nonfiresock and that the mattress cover itself is the free barrier


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