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While doing my usual online research into mattresses with no fiberglass, I decided to focus a bit on one of the big names in the sleep industry – Sleep Number. I went to the Sleep Number website and fired up a live chat session to ask about fiberglass. I was shut down pretty quickly and given a customer support phone number to call, and after two more line transfers, I got a bit of insight regarding Sleep Number and fiberglass.

Is it a Big Deal if Sleep Number Uses Fiberglass?

In recent years, there have been many reports of people noticing rashes and irritation after their mattresses were damaged by accident. After careful detective work, most of the people came to the conclusion that the problems arose due to fiberglass particles escaping their mattresses.

The leaking fiberglass is usually discovered by shining a flashlight, which makes the fiberglass shards sparkle as the light passes over it.

Other reports of fiberglass-contaminated homes came from an innocent mistake. People had messes on their mattresses that required cleaning and rightfully assumed the cover was removable because it had a zipper going around the perimeter of the mattress. Once the mattress cover was unzipped, the fiberglass particles started escaping.

Some of these unfortunate people didn’t realize their blunder until after washing the cover, which contaminated their washing machines with millions of fiberglass particles.

What Happened when I asked Sleep Number Live Chat about Fiberglass?

I asked the Sleep Number chat representative if Sleep Number beds contain fiberglass, and I was immediately assured that they do not. However, this is often the case with live chat on mattress websites, so I decided to dive in a little deeper and ask how flammability tests are passed without fiberglass.

Once I posed the question about flammability tests, suddenly I was told “Here on chat, we are not specialists on these topics, I will get you a number to call our customer service line to further assist you.” So, live chat knows for sure that there isn’t fiberglass, but doesn’t know how flammability tests are passed without it? Strange, indeed.

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Most mattress sellers have great live chat customer support specialists who are able to give all sorts of product info about their mattresses. Sleep Number, on the other hand, seems to prefer hiring people to just read from a script and tell you their sleep number firmness setting.

What Happened When I Called to ask Sleep Number about Fiberglass?

I called the Sleep Number that Live Chat gave me to ask Sleep Number about fiberglass, the number is 1-888-411-2270 if you’d like to call yourself. Here’s what happened when I called Sleep number to inquire about fiberglass in the mattresses:

  • The first Sleep Number associate to answer told me, “I think all Sleep Number beds have fiberglass, but let me transfer you to another department that will know for sure”.
  • The second Sleep Number associate stumbled over their words for 5 minutes, listing off irrelevant materials and CertiPUR-US certifications that are meaningless when it comes to fiberglass. Finally, I told the Sleep Number associate that if their mattresses contain fiberglass, it probably wouldn’t be listed on the mattress labels since the flame retardant firesock is usually sourced from a different company and put around the foam during mattress assembly. She promptly transferred me to another line in the Sleep Number “allergens” department.
  • The third Sleep Number associate I spoke with was a bit bolder and didn’t get flustered by my questioning like the last one, but she didn’t budge on actually answering the questions either. When I asked the Sleep Number associate if any Sleep Number beds contain fiberglass, she would not confirm nor deny the existence of fiberglass in Sleep Number mattresses. All she said was that all the Sleep Number mattress models are made pretty much the same way but with different amounts of foam and latex, and that flammability test results and materials are proprietary information that Sleep Number doesn’t share.

So, Do Sleep Number Mattresses Have Fiberglass or Not?

Honestly, my thoughts on Sleep Number mattresses containing fiberglass lean heavily towards it most likely being a yes. I can’t say for sure, since Sleep Number gives so very little information, but that in itself is answer enough.

If Sleep Number doesn’t contain fiberglass, then why wouldn’t the Allergens Department employee say so?

The fact that Sleep Number dances around the question so much without actually answering it with a “yes” or “no” answer tells me all I need to know. If Sleep Number beds were fiberglass free, they’d be more than happy to tell you about it, just like they love telling you what their sleep number setting is.

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