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Nectar is one of the top-selling bands when it comes to bed-in-a-box mattresses sold online. Nectar sells multiple mattress models, plus bedding, mattress foundations, as well as bed frames.

So, do Nectar Mattresses have fiberglass? It’s pretty well known that it has in the past, and probably still does. However, Nectar is supposedly going fiberglass-free in 2024.

Nectar Initially Denied Fiberglass Use in 2019

In late 2019, another big brand was coming under scrutiny because of fiberglass leaking from its mattresses. At the time, I was shopping for my daughter’s first “big girl” bed. I initially contacted Nectar about fiberglass because I was considering buying a Nectar mattress.

I asked Nectar if any of its memory foam mattresses contained fiberglass. This is what Nectar said:

“No sir none at all” -Nectar

Nectar Chat Fiberglass 2019

Nectar Admitted Having Fiberglass in 2020

However, in mid 2020 reports of fiberglass contamination from Nectar mattresses started popping up all over the web. I found this very interesting since it was completely contradictory to what I was told previously while shopping.

I contacted Nectar through live chat again and this is what I was told:

“I apologize for the misinformation. Our Fire retardant is a proprietary sock that contains fiberglass; however, it’s not the harmful type that most think of.” -Nectar

Nectar Chat Fiberglass 2020

Nectar Adds Cover Removal Warning, Keeps Using Fiberglass

Even though Amazon Reviews, Reddit, and many other reports around the web seemed to show Nectar mattresses causing fiberglass contaminations and health problems, Nectar never did anything about the problem. The only thing Nectar did regarding its fiberglass use was to stop recommending that the outer cover be removed, which it had apparently recommended on its website’s FAQ page previously.

A warning also started being included with mattresses from Nectar saying the washable cover shouldn’t be removed due to “serious injury, death, and/or personal property damage“.

Nectar Cover Removal Warning IMGUR

Nectar Fiberglass Lawsuit Fell Flat in 2022

Apparently, ELG Law was working on a fiberglass lawsuit against Nectar in 2022, but nothing ever came from it. What’s worse, is all existing evidence of the pending lawsuit seems to have been scrubbed from the internet as if it were just a fiberglass-induced fever dream by many. The URL of the ELG Law page regarding the Nectar Fiberglass claims ( now just redirects to the ELG Law home page.

However, here is a screenshot of ELG Law’s claim page regarding Nectar fiberglass from WayBackMachine’s snapshot back in 2022. I opted to take a screenshot since the page will no doubt get deleted after attention is drawn to it.

Nectar Fiberglass Lawsuit 2022

Nectar States It’s Fiberglass-Free in 2024, Without Proof

From mid 2023 to early 2024, there were reports of Nectar stating its mattresses were made without fiberglass – but only in live chat and emails, and nowhere on its website that I could easily find. Even Nectar’s own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page yields “No results for Fiberglass” when searched.

However, when asked recently in live chat about fiberglass in its mattress, Nectar simply says:

“Our customer’s safety and satisfaction are very important to us and I would be happy to look into this and have someone with the appropriate knowledge about your question reach out to you. You can expect to be contacted within 24 hours. What’s the best email to reach you at?” -Nectar

Nectar Chat Avoiding Fiberglass Questions

I’ve requested this email from Nectar twice, with two different email addresses, and I’ve never received the follow-up email with more information on fiberglass or its replacement.

However, I’m sure if I did receive the emails, it would probably just contain the same boilerplate reply that others have received from Nectar:

“In previous models, the fire-retardant sock on some of our mattresses could contain silica or continuous filament glass fiber infused or woven into the fabric to meet U.S flammability requirements that protect consumers; our current models use a fire sock produced with other fire-retardant materials. All of these materials are recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect from fire hazards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.”

Ah yes, recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the same CPSC that has ignored fiberglass mattress complaints for years.

So, Do Nectar Mattresses Still Have Fiberglass or Not?

It’s most likely that Nectar mattresses still have fiberglass, but refers to the glass fiber as silica instead. Similar to the suspicions I have of other mattress brands.

Nectar has been so non-transparent about its fiberglass use, for so long, that even if they were proven to actually be fiberglass-free now, I still would not recommend buying a Nectar Sleep mattress.

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Last Updated on May 4, 2024

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