Does Happsy Use Fiberglass? No, Happsy is Fully Organic.

Happsy is one of the most popular mattresses in the realm of non-toxic and organic sleep. The Happsy mattress is often recommended as one of the top mattresses made without fiberglass. It’s easy to see why after looking at the Happsy website, they are an impressive brand with high standards.

However, there are many popular mattress brands that look great and fiberglass-free on the outside, but aren’t quite what they seem upon closer inspection. Many top mattress brands create confusion among fiberglass use, or hide their fiberglass by saying it’s just silica. I decided to look deeper into Happsy for these exact reasons rather than just take what it says at face value.

What Happsy Says about Fiberglass

Many mattress brand websites shy away from mentioning fiberglass. That’s mostly because their own mattresses contain fiberglass, and they don’t want to draw attention to that fact.

Happsy, on the other hand, directly addresses fiberglass on its website. There’s a Happsy blog post titled “Is Fiberglass in Mattresses and is That Safe?” that fully explores the dangers of fiberglass in the mattress industry.

Happsy also says this about fiberglass flame barriers in the blog post:

“When you don’t use highly flammable materials in the first place, you don’t have to douse your mattresses in flame retardants or wrap them in fiberglass. Happsy mattresses are made with the finest materials Mother Nature has to offer – organic cotton, wool and latex.” -Happsy

Asking Happsy About Fiberglass

Not being one to simply take what mattress makers say as truth, I decided to dig a bit deeper into Happsy’s mattress materials. I decided to email Happsy and ask them more about their materials, and specifically ask about fiberglass use.

Here are the exact questions I asked Happsy:

“Do any of your memory foam and/or latex mattresses contain Fiberglass, Modacrylic, Polyester, Rayon, or Silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What about Fire Retardant sprays like Antimony, are any of them used on your mattresses?” to Happsy

Happsy Does Not Use Fiberglass

Happsy wasted no time and replied to me very quickly with an answer to all my questions. Included in the reply was a list of all the materials used for basically every component of a Happsy organic mattress. I believe Happsy makes mattresses without fiberglass, and they don’t contain silica either.

Does Happsy Use Fiberglass Email

“We don’t use any fiberglass, hydrated silica, or other type of flame barriers and pass flammability standards with a combination of design and organic wool.” -Happsy

Happsy is Fully Certified Organic and Safe

The main proof Happsy mattresses are fiberglass-free is the many certifications Happsy has obtained. Happsy uses cotton, wool, and latex that are all certified organic by the OCS, GOTS, or GOLS standards. The entire Happsy mattress is GreenGuard Gold and MADE SAFE certified to be Low-Emission and Non-Toxic to humans.

Last Updated on February 17, 2024

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