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Does Casper Mattress use Fiberglass? Yes, Casper uses fiberglass in its mattress materials. However, it can be hard to sift through the misinformation spread across the internet. Some of the misinformation is spread by a few bad mattress-selling websites, and some of it could even be attributed to Casper itself due to how they answer questions.

Casper was one of the first bed-in-a-box mattress companies almost a decade ago, and it rose in popularity very quickly. However, in 2018, online horror stories of Zinus mattresses leaking fiberglass in peoples’ homes made fiberglass free mattresses a top priority. Soon after that, Casper was under scrutiny for using fiberglass in its mattresses without disclosing it on the tags.

Does it even matter if Casper uses Fiberglass?

Some unwitting owners of fiberglass mattresses noticed skin irritation and decided to find out what was causing the issue. After careful inspection, they found rips and tears in their mattress covers that were accidentally made by pets and children. Closer inspection revealed particles of fiberglass leaking from their mattresses.

Fiberglass shards are easier to see by shining a flashlight on them in a dark room.

Many people would assume a zippered mattress cover is removable, and many fiberglass mattress owners innocently made that assumption. Only after removing the mattress cover for washing did they realize fiberglass particles were being released in large amounts.

A few unlucky fiberglass mattress owners only discovered the fiberglass after their clothes were contaminated with glass fibers from their washing machine that were deposited by the mattress cover.

Fiberglass Use in Casper Mattresses can be Confusing

People on Reddit, Youtube, and TikTok say their Casper mattresses are leaking fiberglass-like particles from the firesock. But Casper’s website, and Amazon listings for Casper mattresses, state the Casper firesock is made from “Silica Thread”. Surely Casper isn’t lying, right? Correct, technically speaking.

Put simply, the confusion is all just semantics. Are Casper firesocks made from Silica thread? Sure, but fiberglass is made by combining a large portion of silica with smaller amounts of other ingredients within a resin. So Fiberglass technically is a “Silica thread” in a broad sense.

So, does Casper have Fiberglass or Not?

Yes, Casper mattresses have fiberglass. I asked Casper plainly if its Silica firesock was just fiberglass by another name and Casper confirmed its silica thread is just fiberglass.

Yes, Casper definitely uses Fiberglass in its Mattresses

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When I asked plainly, Casper told me flat-out that its firesocks contain fiberglass. This is an exact quote of what the Casper associate said to me in chat:

“Yes. The firesock is composed of an inherently fire resistant (FR) rayon yarn with a fiberglass core, blended with small amounts of polyester and modacrylic.”

Here’s another more recent live chat where Casper has changed its wording to be more vague about fiberglass.

Fiberglass Free Memory Foam and Hybrid Alternatives to Casper

Below are my recommendations for the best Casper mattress alternatives that don’t contain fiberglass. However, I also maintain a big list of mattress brands without fiberglass that is useful at the start of shopping for a bed without fiberglass. I’ve also written a guide for buying mattresses on Amazon without fiberglass as well as a guide for organic mattresses.

Amerisleep: The Best Fiberglass Free Casper Alternative

Amerisleep Image 1500x755

Amerisleep – With three fiberglass free memory foam mattresses, anyone is sure to find what they need. Amerisleep makes mattresses without fiberglass by using PyroGuard FR Barrier Fabric as their flame retardant firesock, which is made from cotton and polyester.

Amerisleep Highlights:

  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Full Warranty
  • 20 Year Prorated Warranty
  • CertiPUR-US® certified Memory Foam
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Plush Beds: Luxury Fiberglass Free Casper Alternative

Plush Beds Spring Sale Banner

Plush Beds – The Cool Bliss 12″ Memory Foam is a perfect fiberglass free alternative to Casper. If you aren’t against latex mattresses, Plush Beds has even more options that are made without fiberglass and sure to please anyone no matter their sleeping habits.

Plush Beds Highlights:

  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • GreenGuard Gold certified
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam
  • GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex
  • GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton & Wool
Plush Beds
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Sunrising Bedding: Most Affordable Fiberglass Free Casper Alternative

Sunrising Bedding Banner

Sunrising Bedding – The 12″ Memory Foam Mattress by Sunrising Bedding is a great fiberglass free alternative to Casper. They also have multiple latex and hybrid options for people not set on getting a memory foam mattress.

Sunrising Bedding Highlights:

  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% Natural Talalay Latex
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Memory Foam
  • Eco-Friendly Dense Cotton Fiber Fire-Proof Cover
  • Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certification for all Cover Materials

Sunrising Bedding: 8-Inch Latex Hybrid – The 8″ Latex Hybrid line by Sunrising Bedding are affordable fiberglass-free mattress for people that like a Firm bed. Made with individually encased 12 gauge coils topped with a layer of Talalay Latex, all encased in a cashmere wool cover. Keep in mind the 8 Inch Latex Hybrid might be considered Extra-Firm by people that don’t weigh very much.

10-Inch Luxury Latex Hybrid – The 10″ Luxury Hybrid line of mattresses uses the same great wool, Talalay latex, and coils as the 8″ hybrid line of fiberglass-free mattresses by Sunrising Bedding. The difference between the two is a Medium plushness thanks to an extra 1″ layer of ventilated foam coupled with another 1″ layer of gel-infused memory foam that gives the 10″ Hybrid mattress a much more conforming feel.

11-Inch Euro Latex Hybrid – The 11″ Euro Top Hybrid Mattress from Sunrising Bedding is similar to the 10″ line, but its layers have been rearranged to give it a Medium-Firm plushness rating and a cooler sleep. The 11″ Sunrising Bedding mattress also features increased edge support and uses TENCEL for the mattress cover, which is good for people avoiding the use of wool.

12-Inch Memory Foam – Sunrising Bedding’s 12″ Memory Foam mattress is 3.5 inches of cooling gel-infused memory foam paired with 8.5 inches of support foam, wrapped up in a TENCEL mattress cover. The Firm but conforming feel is perfect for back and stomach sleepers of a smaller size, or side sleepers that are on the heavier side.

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How are Casper Mattresses Constructed?

Casper manufactures multiple models of mattresses, but they all fall into two main categories – memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. Let’s take a look at how Casper Mattresses are made from the bottom to the top.

Summary of Casper Mattress Construction:

  • Hard Foam Base Layer – Casper Original memory foam mattresses begin with an initial thick base layer of polyurethane foam, equal to more than half the overall height of the mattress. Hybrid Casper mattresses have a thinner base layer of foam with walls that rise up to provide edge support around the coil springs.
  • Coil Layer – Hybrid Casper mattresses have a layer of coils on top of the base layer.
  • Medium Foam “Zone Max/Pro” Support Layers – The Wave Hybrid Casper mattresses have a third layer of medium firm polyurethane support foam with gel pods that are supposed to give proper contouring to the butt and lower back of back sleepers. The Casper Nova mattress used a different zone support layer without gel pods.
  • Medium Foam “Zone” Support Layers – Most Hybrid Casper mattresses aside from the Wave/Nova line have a third layer of polyurethane support foam that conforms to the hips and shoulders for side sleepers – this is the 4th layer in the Wave/Nova lines of mattresses.
  • Soft “Air” Foam Comfort Layers – After the support foam layers, Casper mattresses use a soft perforated polyurethane air foam for comfort and pressure point relief.
  • Cooling “Air” Foam Comfort Layers – The Wave and Nova lines of Casper Mattresses also have an additional perforated viscoelastic memory foam layer that is supposed to provide additional comfort as well as a cooler sleep.
  • Flame Retardant Fire Sock – Around all of the Base, Coil, Support, and Comfort layers is a fire-resistant cover known in the mattress industry as a “firesock”. The firesock is where the fiberglass is used in a Casper mattress.
  • Non-Removable Cover – Surrounding all of the foam layers and the firesock is an outer mattress cover made from It’s made of Polyester derived from recyvled PET bottles, upcycled cotton, rayon, and lycra.

Actual conversation with Casper about Fiberglass

Me: I see people on amazon and reddit complaining about their casper mattresses leaking thread-like particles, are those particles fiberglass? Casper states flammability tests are met with just silica

Casper: I wouldn’t know if it was fiberglass that was leaking from their mattresses, some of our mattresses does not have fiberglass

Me: so some of Casper’s mattresses do use fiberglass?

Casper: Yes. The firesock is composed of an inherently fire resistant (FR) rayon yarn with a fiberglass core, blended with small amounts of polyester and modacrylic. The fiberglass is fully encapsulated in the FR Rayon fiber, so no fiberglass should be exposed. In the event of a fire, these fibers are designed to char and form a barrier over the foam, preventing the flame from spreading into the foam layers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Casper have fiberglass?
A Reddit member contacted Casper and it was confirmed that Costco Casper mattresses contain fiberglass just like Casper mattresses bought directly from Casper.
Are Casper mattresses safe to sleep on?
Casper mattresses have leaked fiberglass into peoples homes without the cover ever being removed or having a rip, so in my opinion Casper mattresses are not that safe until fiberglass is no longer used. If you already own a Casper mattress, I suggest fully enclosing it inside a plastic mattress cover so that any fiberglass that escapes does not contaminate your home or cause irritation of your skin or mucous membranes.
What is inside a Casper mattress?
Casper mattresses start off with multiple layers of polyurethane foam mixed with layers of viscoelastic foam, plus coils if it’s a hybrid. All the foam layers are then wrapped up in a firesock made of rayon, polyester, modacrylic, and fiberglass. Surrounding the foam and firesock is a stretchy outer cover made of Polyester, cotton, rayon, and lycra.
How do I know if my mattress is fiberglass?
Most mattress makers have begun listing all the materials used in their mattresses on the tags, fiberglass will most likely be listed in the “Inner Cover” section of the tag if it’s used. However, if a mattress is from before 2020 then fiberglass might not be listed. If the mattress tag says the Outer Cover is non-removable, even if it has a zipper, the mattress most likely contains fiberglass. If all else fails, a flashlight shined over the mattress will also make any protruding fiberglass shards sparkle like glitter.
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